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Go Goa

Sis's exams get over on 7th June, and long before that we were planning a vacation for a family trip. We had one last year (aurangabad) after ages and so decided to keep doing it every year.
This time we wanted to go to Goa....but we knew like last year...rains will play spoil sport. Till the last minute we were undecided but then thought of giving it a shot. And it was a wonderful shot...we didnt feel the summer heat...nor did we face heavy rains!

10th June was a day full of packing and booking travel...getting extra battery for the cam...and other stuff required...that ended with a nice meal at Kalyani Veg. That restaurant's food has become too good. I remember eating it once before and not liking it...but now..its food is awesome!
11th June we planned to leave at 5:30 am for a 12 hour long drive. Our driver being a duffer that he was, got us an hour and a half late, but anyway our spirits were not dampened. As soon as we started we were alive singing and rocking with the so…

Books and life...

I know this will be my 3rd blog, but I'm so keen on writing and writing and writing...that I started a new blog on the books I read :D
Yea, I've been reading quite a few books lately and so I have decided to share my views on the good ones as well as the not so good ones, as well as the really bad in short..about most of the books I read...
So, enjoy..

Oops..sorry forgot to publicize my blog..and increase the page rank :P
Here goes the link.

P.S. All the posts that appeared here under the tag 'nice read' have been moved to the books blog.