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...yup..this weekend seemed to have really rejuvenated me..and why?
Earlier...on Monday I always remembered what I had to finish this week..before the build..what I had to investigate..etc etc...But today,
- I also forgot the way to office..that route that I have been taking for more than 18 months now :P
- I reached the office gate and went ahead before I realised I've missed the gate :P
- I don't remember the password to my machine :P
- I remember to start eclipse after almost 30 minutes
- I still haven't started MS Outlook :P
- I have to check my TODO list (thankfully I had made this last Friday) to even start thinking about work!

Is it the weekend..or is it the two years..I can't say :)

Signs of ageing

It starts with....stopping anywhere..even while its working..running...
Then you know, its time...this one was a huge sign..but it isn't dead yet...
Smaller signs what happened today.

I was standing peacefully at a signal, and someone starts blowing the horn. I'm wondering why someone is so impatient..coz the signal was just turning green. A policeman was glaring at me...and I'm telling myself..its not me..its someone behind me..look at him..give him the stares....but then he finally yells at me "ka vajav taye horn?" and I tell him "mi vajvat naiye baba". But he insists so I listen to the horn more carefully through the loud blaring music in my ears and voila...its my vehicle...yaay...
If your vehicle's horn stops can live with it right. But if it keeps blaring..and does not want to stop...yea felt as if I was riding in an ambulance..only difference being people don't make way for you, they keep shouting …

The ugly truth

I write here because...
1. I know nowhere else where I could post these ramblings
2. I know nobody who could answer these rhetorics
3. I know nobody who does not already see the ugly truth behind these

So, here are my few subtle questions...

1. Does destroying public property prove the public's point of view?
2. Does a strike mean you have to resort to vandalism for people to follow it?
3. Since streets are battlefields for public rights, what use are parliaments?