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Simple questions..obvious but wrong answers

Okay, I know this is another post on traffic...but...I just cannot help it!

Squabbles on the road..are like a daily occurrence. We witness it everyday and have obviously got used to them. But this one I witnessed, though being nothing out of the ordinary...certainly made me think...

Simple question : When someone in front of us stops, sudden or not so sudden..what do u do? Apply brakes..or move into another lane?

Answer : We change our lane. We could do so, but after looking through our rear view mirror and confirming that theres no one approaching that same spot from behind. But we don't do that, coz wer r the mirrors..? and brakes..we dont use them here right..?


I had stopped wearing/flaunting a wrist watch//like almost immediately after college. I convinced myself that the cellphone displays the much needed time anyways, so why bother using a wrist watch. This argument kept me from using a watch for almost 6 months now. I only realised its importance now when I started forgetting my cell, or places where you cannot keep removing your cell and looking at the time, or when you need the time while driving.
So, all this lead to me deciding on wearing a watch now onwards. Today being a good day, decided to start from today. Opened my drawer and started hunting for my ohhh so precious watches. Since i'd worn a blue tee today, was looking for my favourite blue one. o my surprise I did find it but sadly the batteries were out. I said never mind, Im gonna wear a watch no matter so I found a black one, since that would go with ant top. But then again batteries...!!! I gonna make sure one decision of mine is carried towards completion...!
I …


I've always...avoided driving double seat...I never say no...if the other person is ready to drive my vehicle..and take me double seat..:)

Not that i just cannot manage the vehicle with an added not totally confident of doing so, and if Im not..obviously the person behind is not gonna be either..:) and what when he/she asks you.."can you drive me home today"..for whatever reason...and u say "sure..but you will have to drive"...snap...he/she is worried I gonna reach safely...!

It so happenned today, that this colleague's bike..just wasnt starting..and it being late...and I was available there...that was the best possible option he had. Right from the beginning I was tensed...he was tensed..:)
So much so, that usually hes quite talkative...when he drives me..hes always yakking..but today he sits so quietly, I almost forget someones there..except for the weight...and old vehicle...and pickup issues..:) I actually tell him...chill ya, you can …

102nd Convocation ceremony

Yesterday I witnessed a convocation ceremony, which did not resemble one in the least. And to add to the misery, I was a part of the batch who had just passed out of PU after 4 years of toil to get an engineers degree. The least I expected was a decent convocation ceremony.
For starters, what does convocation mean (obviously in the context of graduation) - In many universities throughout the world convocation is the university graduation ceremony to award degrees to students and honorary graduands.
Does awarding degrees mean people sit at a counter, you stand in a line, await ur turn, when its ur turn show them ur number and they give you your certificate? In my opinion awarding a degree would be when your awarded your degree in front of quite a few people. Isn't it?
Anyway, as usual we always have fun...meeting old friends..just seeing familiar faces...seeing faces we dont really want to see at all...:)
We went to the univ at our certificates, waited up for people we had p…

Introspection...out of the blue...?

Can u imagine...a final year student...confesses to the the whole batch...

1. Breaks up sa lovey dovey relationship...even though the guy was supposedly his best friend...??? (does he kno d meaning of frndship?)
2. tries breaking up a proj grp..for personal gain...maturity??
3. Bitching abt ur proj that u get more marks as compared to him...??? r we still in school...?? hacking his social netwking profiles...?? wtf!!!
4. Hacking passwds using keyloggers...
5. Hacking someone's proj code and making it available for free...just coz tat fella used to argue wid u...?? God help me!

and the best part...write a mail and send it to the whole f**** batch...!!! y y y....??? was it like...sudden realisation..? or u thot u cud play the part of a clown well? or u thot ppl r gonna feel sorry for u? or u thot after confessing to hacking n stuff ppl wud come to kno abt ur hacking skills...?? or u thot this is the best way of hogging the limelight...?? please please explain..…

An awesome an awesome year!

Well, 2008 was sure had its ups and downs...( I realise that after looking at my blog posts...)
I sure had my depressions...moments of extreme joys...introspections etc etc...coupled with a great job at a great place with great people around..!
All in all...was a year i will never forget...the last year at college...!! (sigh..!)

Anyway, before i lose direction...this post was meant to describe the 31st of dec '08!
Plans were, as always in a mess...changing at the last well chalked out plan, inviting friends at the last moment...whew..! but ya...finally we made it..:)
Was a little skeptic in the beginning as there more unknowns than knowns in the group, but after much coaxing....I agreed.
We all gathered at a flat..(I still dont know whom it belonged to..coz it was my friends..friends...friends...etc etc flat) so whateva..
Those guys had made an effort to clean up that place as far as much so that we didnt realise its a flat in which bachelors reside..:D