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A weekend that was longer than itself...

No no, I'm not hinting that I was so bored that the weekend seemed to never end.
I have done so much in these two days, roamed and seen and traveled and hogged so much, that the weekend seemed longer than just two days!

Khyati had invited all of us over to her house in Vapi over the weekend. Since vapi is a six hour drive from Pune, we decided to start at 4am. The usual latecomer Lalit surprised all of us by turning up even before the car arrived :P. We started on time, but only to find a new late comer, Amit :P.
We left for Vapi, after picking up everyone by 5:45. Everyone was drowsy and fell asleep after a few minutes only to be woken up by hunger. Had some breakfast at kamat (which wasn't half as tasty as the king's meal we had later on).

We reached Khyati's place by noon and then freshened up and were ready for lunch. A very good hostess that Khyati was, she had asked her mom to make all kinds of gujarati dishes for us. We had 5 no 6 no I guess 8 or was it 9..I'…

Paint the water..:)

Yea, I started again...
Water colors is an art. Why? Just because you have to get out the creativity and reality in colors and as fast as you can. That's precisely why I'd left them way back after school. I then started using oils and found they were so convenient, you could install reality at a later phase of the painting too.

This time, somehow that craving for water and color and me!
My long lost craving for art..creating art...was re-instilled in me. So I started afresh, new book, new pack of pencils, a sharpener,eraser, brushes, colors and water!

And believe me it feels heavenly to be doing something you really love. You won't believe I even forgot that I was raving for food after I picked up the brush. Only after it was done (actually only after I received at least one compliment) did I grab some food.
Here's my painting..(I shouldn't complain, but I forgot to buy white color and it does not come in the pack. So I tried my best without the peaceful c…

Friends..bangalore...and a memorable trip!

This time pree’s tweets are going to show me the way J

22nd December : 9:29 AM Aah.. Njoying.. Nw wating frnds to come to ma home!!

We were on the way to banaglore, boarded a 9pm bus from pune. The bookings were done in advance but last minute hiccups are always there. The travel decided to change their pick up point without informing the boarders. Luckily dad was home early and ash and my baggage got a ride through the traffic jam at yerwada. We were panicking about the bus leaving but then were waiting for almost half an hour after the scheduld hour, for the bus to start. Anyhow we thus started our 14 hour journey to the city of gardens!
Pree had prepared methichi bhaji (my request) and masale bhaat (my request again) for us. The bus reached majestic at around 12:30 or so, and we were to look for platform 17 on the local bus stand. Yeah, there platforms are not only for trains but also for buses. The bus service is pretty organized there. We were hunting our platform 17. We spotted 15,…