Goodbye 2017

It is that time of the year, when you invariably look back at the good and bad times of the year gone by.  This post talks about, just that.

- I have read a lot of books this year. Some of them have definitely left a lasting impression on me. To name a few - 'The god of small things', 'when breath becomes air' and '10% happier'. Though I could not complete the 'Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy - a trilogy in four parts', I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing style is so unique, simple and just plain funny.
- We drove our car to places this year. Diveagar, Temgarh and Vadgaon.
- We started morning jogs, in January. It went on pretty regularly for around 45 days. After that we only continued our afternoon and evening walks. We had targeted a distance of 1000 kms for the year, but we just reached the half mark.
- We went for another night trek, this time to Rajgad. It was a tougher trek and we have improved our stamina a lot, since the last one.

Dive-Agarkar - Second edition

The first edition, the one that created this group, was as memorable as this one, relive it here.

It took us 3 years to get to the second one, but it was worth the wait.
On a side note, we also expanded the group with two tiny-tots!

We had planned to meet at our place, on a 'holi'day. Good food and conversations led to the plan and the dates were finalised! Of course our star planner DJ detailed, booked and executed the plan. We were going to Diveagar!

This time Shri dropped out and Dhaval-Renu decided to become NRIs. But we welcomed two new members Vishwas and Suchitra (who we kept meeting at dinner/lunch plans but they could not make it to the last trip). So we were 8 adults and 1 tiny-tot (Shanaya) who made the trip to Diveagar on the 25th of March, to enjoy the cool summer breeze and the salty ocean.

Since the trip dates were so close to Supriya's birthday, we decided to celebrate it with a cake. Plans and re-plans later, we decided to buy a full cream cake, since we …

Moonlit trek to Sinhagad

They told me it was a night trek to Sinhagad. I had childhood memories of Sinhagad being a really easy trek and for me a trek at night was a first. So I said yes lets go, how difficult can it be?
So the seven of us met at nanded city (a colleague lives there) and we then proceeded from there to the base. All pumped up by how beautiful the moon looked and how pretty the starlit sky would look from the top, we started our ascent at 12:30 am.We imagined it would be dark but the moonlight was with us at every step. We imagined it would be really cold but only after a few minutes we were getting rid of our sweaters. In childhood, I believe, I must have had loads of stamina because, this time, in less than 30 minutes or so we had made our first stop trying to cool off and get our heart beat back to normal.
Here's us at our first stop trying to capture a people snap in moonlight.
We finally reached the top at 2:30 and we all sat down getting hold of our breath and the visuals that awaited u…

The Moon

As I mentioned in my last post, we bought an amazing camera that has increased the range of our vision. When we decided to buy a camera though, it was just with the intention of taking snaps that are better than the ones taken by the phone camera. We started out with this one basic need and then since a good zoom is always welcome, settled with the Canon SX60HS after a lot of research.
Once it arrived, we tried giving each function a try and took a few snaps here and there. The first weekend, we thought 'why not give the moon shot a try'. We went to our building parking area, where we could see the moon. We looked at it through the lens and zoomed in, as far as we could go and we were spellbound. We could see the craters, the famous (this name will seem familiar only if you are a 2001 space odyssey fan) Tycho crater, the seas, the undulations. (This is one useful image)

The moon has always mesmerized me, and looking at it up close, firsthand, is a feeling that I am not capabl…

Happy New Year!

Yes, I just came by to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year, but I also just took a peek at the posts I have written in the year that went by and its been just 2 (Actually its one more post than I had written in 2014!)

No, the year that went by was not un-eventful. Infact it had so many travels, so many stories worth jotting down and so many emotions worth expressing.
I should atleast write the "end of the year" and "new year resolutions" post, so that way I have a count of 2 posts by default each year. And then maybe I will one day complete the new year resolutions so that I do not have to just copy-paste it in the next year too.

So, the year that went by 2015 - Highlights
- Lots of holidays and travel
- Lots of socializing and spending quality time with friends
- Also organised a treasure hunt event in office (yes, again!)
- I now have a nephew who goes by the name of Ayaan and yes, he is damn cute. (Should write something about the experiences with…

Another weekend getaway..

This time the weekend getaway was split - at opposite ends.

Saturday the 7th of Feb, we went to Kashid, with office colleagues, a trip I thought, given our current planning and absolutely no discussion about the trip, we were never going to make. Happily surprised though, when we finalized the plan a few days before.

After a lot of shuffling and not this and not here and there, Sachin's car with M, Jitendra and me, met Sabhtarsha's car with Yo, Dabre, Rathod, Ameya and Manoj at Joshi wadewale at 7:30. Since Rahul's car hadn't left yet, we asked him to meet us directly at the Khopoli mall. We had a sort-of breakfast there, all excited for the trip. I also met a school friend of mine, got introduced to her husband and discussed school times a little, along with the newly formed whatsapp group. After the breakfast and chai and juice, we started out for kashid.

Jitendra, M and me continued in Sachin's car, with songs and discussions and jokes and a lot of jokes on the…

The story that lead to..

This post was in a draft since, I guess sometime in the beginning of 2013. I just happened to visit my blog, and saw that I had written around 47 posts in 2009 and come 2014 the count has dropped to just one post. Only one post, in a whole year, in 365 days? This got me thinking and I started browsing my posts and came up with quite a few drafts. I picked this one first, to make a come back, since blogger has been in this, right from the beginning. So here it goes, I won't modify the content, just complete the post.

Now that plans have been finalized to promote the story to the next level, I thought it is only apt to recap a little bit. Not very elaborate, for the details are best kept for the memories of those involved to keep it fresh forever.

It started here with truth and dare as the ice breaker. After that there were never ending talks, discussions, arguments and time was always less. Snacks time would start and then never end until we thought its high time we start ba…