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Back to school

Yea, literally..I went back to school yesterday. No I didn't have to attend classes this time round, but the feeling of being in your school premises after 8 whole indescribable!

It all started with an update on facebook, St.Felix has an alumni meet on 28th February 2010. And my reaction was 'finally'!! I mean I hadn't been to school, hadn't met teachers, hadn't been in school for almost 8 years now (yea, I did attend the fete some years ago, but that wasn't really quality time). So, started asking batchmates if they're attending and then thinking what its going to be like going to school again.
However, close school friends couldn't make it, but I certainly wanted to attend and this time too, we went as we used to go always, all three sisters together :) Felt so nice and mom kept saying you'll are going to school :) Obviously we weren't in uniforms this time, we had let our hair loose, like we did on the farewell (wonder how can …