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Calling all pedestrians

Please pay attention. Your life is precious.
Please use footpaths to walk (well, where they are available and are not broken or filled with construction material).
Please look where you tread. While walking on the road, please don't sway your hands so that you hit a motorist. We know you can't stop talking to someone somewhere via your cellphone, but please ask the person at the other end if he/she values your life.
While crossing the road, use the zebra crossing, else how would someone know that you have decided to stand right in the middle of thick traffic?

If you don't value your life enough, atleast value the life of the people who are drving and will be held responsible for the loss of your life.

Yours sincerely,
A motorist.

What happens when.. don't know what you want out of life? Everyone seems to know what keeps them ticking.
It has to be something immaterial right? Something that you control?

***Disclaimer...if you decide to go ahead of this point, please do not..DO NOT come back to me with more questions..or any answers!****

What if you can't see anything that keeps you going? I mean is it that your inhuman then?
Is it that you would do anything that came your way? You have your preferences right? So that means you know what you don't want to do? When will you find out what you want to do?

Will you die being a worthless piece of the jigsaw called life? Will you contribute without ever knowing? Is it really important that people recognize and appreciate your work?

If self-confidence is what can get you out of tricky situations, what is that will keep your self-confidence intact? Will you ever be happy and satisfied? Will you ever find your true worth?

Why do I need to find the answers to these questions…