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Diwali at ATN

How does it start? Vijay and Nishant start planning diwali celebrations before everyone leaves for their respective hometowns to celebrate the festival of lights and/or vacations with their family members. The day decided is Wednesday i.e. the 27th of October, 2010. Activities incharge were unanimously chosen (no one else was even considered actually :P) as Vinaya and me.

So, then after a lot of contemplation whether the event should be done etc, should it be TTMM etc it was only when Vinay showed a lot of enthusiasm for the event, did all the fun start. Finally we decided on Monday afternoon that we will go ahead with the celebration.
We started planning the games. Tuesday evening was when we really started getting things done. First we got gifts from BB, fun gifts all nicely gift wrapped. Clues for treasure hunt were finalised, chits ready and hidden :) Kumar is a great help while hiding clues. So next time you know there is a treasure hunt, follow Kumar the previous evening :D


PMC is constructing roads. Why? Pune is a metro in the making, so the roads should be of good quality. Which roads? The highways. Okay. That's a great thing. Go on, do it.  Now as the PMC has its budget drawn out, funds allocated, what do they do? They take years and years to complete a small stretch of the road. In doing so, they dig up the road and then, do not build approach roads for the bylanes. Result? I don't see any resultant progress in the current state of transport by roads. All I see is a deterioration. Now what? The residents somehow manage to find a way to get to the main road, troubling their vehicles, tyres too the hilt everyday, while leaving home and also while returning. Then one fine day, PMC feels they should be an approach road, no matter how stony, however large the difference between the levels of the main road and the approach road. Okay, so residents now go over the stony, unlevelled path. No complaints still. Now, as the rains approach PMC gets into the…