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Dive-Agarkar - Second edition

The first edition, the one that created this group, was as memorable as this one, relive it here.

It took us 3 years to get to the second one, but it was worth the wait.
On a side note, we also expanded the group with two tiny-tots!

We had planned to meet at our place, on a 'holi'day. Good food and conversations led to the plan and the dates were finalised! Of course our star planner DJ detailed, booked and executed the plan. We were going to Diveagar!

This time Shri dropped out and Dhaval-Renu decided to become NRIs. But we welcomed two new members Vishwas and Suchitra (who we kept meeting at dinner/lunch plans but they could not make it to the last trip). So we were 8 adults and 1 tiny-tot (Shanaya) who made the trip to Diveagar on the 25th of March, to enjoy the cool summer breeze and the salty ocean.

Since the trip dates were so close to Supriya's birthday, we decided to celebrate it with a cake. Plans and re-plans later, we decided to buy a full cream cake, since we …