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A heavenly night-out

An unexpected plan..formed at the spur of the moment..because of something someone blurted out very innocently....turned to be one hell of a night!
We were out celebrating "International" Men's Day, this 19th of November, when we stumbled upon a possibility of catching a glimpse of the leonids meteor showers at lonavala. The plan was sudden...permissions...asking other people not present to go..where to go..what time to go...all of this was decided in less than half an hour. We all decided to leave that night around 10 from office and reach office on friday around 5am. Sounds pretty good right..and we are used to not sleeping all night and still being fresh (Remember our engineering papers ;) ). Anyway, it was a little difficult to explain that to my parents and their concern was more than valid. The only question they asked "How can someone, who has been working the whole day, drive without sleeping even a wink". Anyhow, that part was cleared and we…

A tangled mess

The sky is blue
I want it to be mauve
Thoughts are in a mess
But I think they can be sorted

The coffee is hot
I want it to be cold
The wind is cool
I want it to be warm

The sky is clear
But I want it to be cloudy

I know its not that difficult
But I choose to complicate it

Cattle can't fly
But I want them to
I can see the reason
But I want to ignore it

The heart aches
I'm trying to mend it
Questions are simple
But I'm trying to gauge the answers

My mind thinks logically
But I can't see through it
Has logic ever helped
I know the answer isn't trivial

All these parallel running threads seem so independent
Why can't they all work in different contexts
I know I was difficult on you
But I'm sure you can see
The mess I am in, leaves me no option.

I wish feelings were binary
and answers were public
If emotions weren't private
life could have been simpler!