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Happy to help!

Yeah, this is what they keep saying. And I believed them as I never really had a problem with them before. Infact I always fought people’s criticism about VF’s customer care. They were prompt, precise, helpful and rather amiable.
But, thanks..thanks for enlightening me with the truth.
Call 111, and a voice answers how may I help you? At once you know that this guy is going to have trouble talking in English. So you change the language to Hindi..but the guy doesn’t budge. You ask him the set of documents required for verification..he states very clearly “An id proof and an address proof.” I ask “Will a licence and a PAN card do?” HE says “Yes, madam. It will do.” He has my number, he can see my current verification status and documents required. Then why can’t he open his mouth and speak you need a photo id proof too? If you can’t follow English, or you cannot speak in English…its ok buddy! Just give me correct and complete information. Speaking in English is mandatory when the only com…

memorável travel

Saturday morning....thats spent in sleeping right..but not today!
Two early risers..and gym goers...plan a the gym!
Calls follow...and am woken up from my sleep at 10am...unable to register the fact that the cell number was C, but the voice was V :P
Anyway what followed was a getting dressed..convincing parents...didnt have a bike..(bechara serviceing mein pada tha..) Anyway managed to get hold of another bike, petrol..rain..brakes failed me...and I reached damn damn late, thanks guys for waiting up for moi!

The trip started at 12pm...but it wasn't sunny. It was pleasant for noon time. Started with a chai. Next stop was at Sinhagad. We hadn't reached the top. It was somewhere in between. We stopped for some snaps..and decided to climb till a hill...we could see some distance away. The path was carved out but was very narrow. Wind that blew was very very strong, so much so that you could actually try jumping into the valley but you won't fall. N…

Parle..pense..mais rien changeth!

Person X : No, false impressions are not your fault
Person Y : But isn't it I, who can reduce errors
Person X : Why do you wanna help everyone around, when you really can't change the way thoughts proceed.
Person Y : hmm, maybe there is no hope.

Person X : Its sad not being able to do, what you want to.
Person Y : The world works that way, face it.
Person X : How easy it is to say I wanna be a rebel, I guess I need to start implementing some of it.

Person X : Calling oneself silly, is silly?
Person Y : Don't ask a person as silly as me.
Person X : Yeah, but if you were as silly as I thought, I wouldn't have asked ya right?
Person Y : Hmm, right. Maybe calling oneself silly is being humble.
Person X : Yeah, absolutely right. Just the answer I was looking for. Thanks.

Person X : Is there a limit for stupidity?
Person Y : I don't know my limits yet.
Person X : Ohh, how would I know if I broke the records then. Sigh..a loser there too!

Person X : Can we go back to the time, humans we…

1 year and still moving on...

I complete my first year with the IT industry...I complete 1 year of corporate life today on the 6th of July 2009.

Last year, the 7th July..was a day full of apprehensions, expectations, adjustment, anxiety. My first day at work...just fresh out of college. I didnt't even have my BE results then, not that I was doubtful of the results..:P For my experience on the first day, read this.

My first year has been so enjoyable, and I'm sure it wouldnt have been as much fun, had I not been at AirTight. People here are fun, and give you the freedom to work as per your convenience as long as your convenient schedules do no outstretch the company deadlines, which is more than fair. Thats precisely why I never missed important events like, results (even though they were on a Saturday),my convocation ceremony. I havent missed other fun too like meeting friends for a movie, or a coffee or for shopping...all at my convenience.

The environment is conducive too. And my idea of working is work com…