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My new cell!

Yes, finally! My last cellphone was a disaster (the worst model Nokia has ever made. The 7610 Supernova Series)
What problems did it have? The battery backup is bad (too bad given its a Nokia handset), frequent heating of the keypad and slider panel, frequent short circuiting on the charging/power/headphone pin, display suddenly starts showing strange lines and blinks unnecessarily suddenly. Maybe I had a faulty piece!

Anyway, so now to the new cellphone. I did a lot of research this time (last time I bought one on impulse and background checking :P) So here are a few tips before you decide a smartphone for yourself.
1. Do not go for a slider phone with a keypad. It certainly gives problems sooner or later. I have seen cases where the slider gets jammed and the heating problem is frequent.
2. Earlier I wanted a touch + type phone. But this limits the touch screen and makes it really small. If you need a type phone just because messaging is easier, let me tell you that typing …

Information Hiding

What is information hiding?
In programming, the process of hiding details of an object or function. Information hiding is a powerful programming technique because it reduces complexity. One of the chief mechanisms for hiding information is encapsulation -- combining elements to create a larger entity. The programmer can then focus on the new object without worrying about the hidden details.
But I don't intend to talk about it from the programming point of view. I'm going to get into the human psyche, the human urge to hide information.
Case1:  Two house-wives talking about their lives Lady 1 : So how is everything at your end? Your daughter got admission to junior college? Lady 2 : Yes, everything is fine. Yes she got admission. Lady 1 : (Couldn't she have said which college?!?) Which college? Lady 2 : College X Lady 1 : Nice. But that is really far from your place right. How does she travel? Lady 2 : Yes it is far. I don't know, she manages. Lady 1 : (How can you not k…