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A tryst with male ego

Two vehicles are driving peacefully. Each not bothered by the other's presence. One a goods truck (no goods loaded then) and another a small petite activa. The truck was driven by a male (obv..I haven't seen females driving trucks..wonder why?) and the activa by a female.

Its 9:30 at night. Only chowks which usually have traffic jam problems have their traffic signals working.
At one particular chowk where the signals were red, the activa stands beside the truck (lets call activa the A and truck the T from now onwards). So, as the signal lights turn green, T makes delay in starting and A sees a gap through which she can drive. This hurts T's overblown ego and decides to almost crush A. A reasons with herself and applies the brakes. T moves ahead happily. But T is huge, so he gets stuck ahead and A unknowingly overtakes T. This has bruised T enough. So he comes speeding after A, not seeing that the signal ahead is red. Lucky for T and the other vehicles around, the signal t…

Another year..another decade...has gone by...

Its high time, I thought about the mistakes I made, my achievements and plans for the future.

Ten years ago...I was in school. I lived in a world view of my own. Everyone was nice, everyone was helpful, everyone was a friend. After passing out from school, like a very innocent kid, I entered junior college. A place I like to remember as one which prepared me and shaped my personality as it is today. Engineering was just the tadka I needed in my life. It brought me out of my shell completely. While I still do call myself shy and reticent, I don't know what I would have called myself back in school. Shy and reticent raised to infinity? Perhaps!
I then entered corporate life. A world that was luckily not much different from engineering college and even better we get paid :) I made good impressions, ones that I never believed and don't believe even today are of me! I made good friends too and we had a lot of fun trips, while the group was intact. As I see it now, its dispersed and…

An eventful week

Vacations are always welcome, specially in between a schedule of hardwork :P

My learnings/hot happenings last week

1. People always want to party, by eating all the stuff you have been avoiding, only when you are on a diet.
2. Ginger lime juice is awesome. Have to try making it myself.
3. Someone tried to steal my kinetic! Yes! You read kinetic!
4. I got killed (obv almost) by a BEST bus. Uptil now I believed that only the PMPML buses have conspired against me, but I was wrong.
5. Driving in the mist is enjoyable only when you are not in the driver's seat :P
6. How do people breathe in Mumbai? Don't the teeny weeny streets and unmanageable crowd suffocate them?
7. Everyone is not bad. Those who seem to be good people, may not be so. (My fav petrol pump cheats :( )
8. Driving is fun when you don't drive rash to teach others a lesson (basically no one wants to improve)
9. Its so scary to hear crackers bursting in a city like Mumbai.
10. The maximum shopping we do t…