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Its me, I've changed

Ohh yes, this blog has been ignored for quite some time now. Why?
I do not have an answer. There have been things worth writing, not that there were too many fun things I did and did not write about, but there were things I decided, infact I could see the blogpost in my mind, but I did not pen it down. Why? Laziness? Inertia? What? I don't have an answer.

Yes, I have changed. For better or worse, I'm not sure.
I don't like being around people ( in in acquaintances..) right now. Is it me or the people around me, I'm not sure (again, yes I'm not sure about things these days). But yes, I can't take attitude. Not even if they're worth it. Keep that away from me, or eat it yourself.

Then today, I started thinking. I travel 14 kms to work every day (yes it was 13 earlier, but then they constructed a new bridge which basically makes a 200 meter stretch a km long .. so 1 more km added to the activa's kitty..happy!). 14kms, of which 90% of t…


Diwali vacation, Christmas vacation, Eid vacation ?

Gandhi Jayanti holiday, Shiv Jayanti holiday, Muharram holiday?