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In search of a purpose

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life?
Have you then felt that there must be something much better and greater than the current state of your daily affairs?
I'm not sure I've ever thought about these things before. Is it age? Is it work? Is it the pace at which people around are moving? Or is it just some passing thought?
When something stings you, and stings you real hard you tend to look for solutions. In this case I was clueless about any direction to look for to locate even a clue to the clue to the solution.
As always, mood swings lead to irritability lead to fits of temper lead to instability of emotions which ultimately lead to depression which lead to a breakdown which gave a clue to the clue of my solution via an advisor.

So, the answer is look carefully. There is always something you like to do more than what you are currently doing. While a job is necessary for all your material comforts and even maybe to fulfill your interests, it will sometime or t…