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And it has been a year...

...a year now...
What's your Rahul...
an evening well spent at the Pune University campus...
getting lost there..unable to find our vehicle...tensed moments interspersed with concern...first impressions..
getting meet frnds...
forgetting the dandiya passes at home..
awesome fun at dandiya...
a wild drive back home...
an awesome night with frnds..
an awesome day..well spent..
an awesome day..tat will remain etched in my memory forever...
Love you.....blogger :)

Life is no bed of roses...its a life full of work!

Very often these days I come across thoughts like these in the IT industry,
"I'm bored of this ***** job!"
"I'm bored of my life. Its not what I dreamt of"
"Is it the work or the nature of the job itself?This isn't a life I wanted"

Caught in these thoughts and wandering through the streets, I came across a couple of people and it felt as if they read my thoughts and hence had decided to show me the reality of life.
A bus conductor. What is his job? Collect fares in a moving bus, full of people with no place to stand or move. plus minus multiply in your head continuously while making sure you do not make a mistake. At the same time you are expected to make sure people get down at their respective destinations, make sure everyone has bought a ticket. Does this sound boring? Ever thought about why conductors are invariantly irritable. The people travelling are their means of getting off their frustration, at least that's what I have come to b…

Take 2

Me : Mom, I won't be late.
Mom : (thinks to herself) How many times has she said she won't be late. Has she ever turned up on time?
Me : And its at E2...its not that far from home. I'll leave at 9 (I mean 9:30 here)
Mom : (thinks to herself) Yes...not far at all..just say 10kms? its at a stone's throw right? She is going to go anyhow. (says to me) Okay, go ahead. Come home on time. Don't be late.
Me : Thanks mom :) You're the best! :)

Now i'm at this awesome place called "not just jazz by the bay". It is awesome because of its ambience and more so because of the people there. (Yea I'm counting myself as one of those who are the "special" people :P)
I'm enjoying, laughing, smiling, eating (yea and not hogging for a change :P), thinking, laughing and so on. Suddenly, as if some angel tells me to check the time right away, I just get my cell out, glance a casual look at the time.
Me : OMG! its 10!! I was to reach home by this time. …

My first marathi post!

Yes..first ever!
After having a gruelling argument on how English is better than devanagari and then losing by falling flat on my face...(not that I wasn't going to write the post in marathi before) but then I though, what better way of losing graciously than writing a post in devanagari itself ;)
Okay, so here is the post. Feel free to point out mistakes in spellings and grammar as well as sentence formations. I'm sure there are plenty of them.