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When exams were a blessing in disguise...

It so happened yesterday, that I could not decide whether I should read a book or watch some movie. Since I could not choose between any of these, I decided to do some vella online. But bsnl loves playing spoil sport and made me choose between my two previous options. Since I had a good Agatha Christie book titled 'The Big Four' and it seemed interesting, I made my choice.

Everyone had slept off and so I had to choose the hall to read. And then I felt the same as I used to during my PLs. I used to sit with a book in my hand, on my very comfy couch, and my cell close to me...txting away to glory. During exams I used the landline too a lot to chat away with anyone who was only willing to have some fun. I used to talk and laugh and giigle in whispers, lest anyone should wake up and find out about my late night activities :P. As for the telephone bill, don't ask :P. The landline is at a very convenient location if you are on the couch, thats the primary reason for choosing the… can never have enough of them...

I like to share my choice of movies with everyone. Let them hear what I thought about the movie. Let them know (if ofcourse they value my suggestion) whether the movie is watchable or ignorable. So I decided to dedicate a separate blog for the purpose. So here it is, the movie blog.

Happy reading!

Réflexion à haute voix

I couldn't find a better place to put not even twitter. So here it goes...

Life is a game...
Play it safe and you feel you've won, but in reality you've become numb.
Play it rough...and you've won, but ofcourse that's an illusion,coz when the long
lost skeletons come haunting, you only realise how wrong your approach was...
In short, you never win this game of life, coz the rules of the game aren't static n yes, they aren't real...

What does it create a race of silent morons?

Human mind is impressionable. That is what makes a human so gullible.
I happened to read a very well written crime fiction titled "The return of the dancing master" by 'Henning Mankell'. The story starts with all the usual murder,investigation etc., but what impressed me the most was the way the plot was woven into people believing and following Nazi ideals. Anyone, who has the courage to stand up and impress upon others his ideas, thoughts, beliefs can create a whole race of dumb followers. They follow,execute unquestioningly. How easy it is to convince a soldier that he will do good by murdering an individual just because he belongs to a different race. No wonder the seeds sown 62 years earlier still result in riots in India. If you are successful in creating a single offspring of your beliefs, it will propagate through generations. Is it always that the wrong ideas manifest themselves firmly and those that should remain strong for ages to come, fade away much befor…

Simplicity vs Complexity

Yeah, the title reveals it all...that was simple. Some would expect the title to 'not' reveal the subject so easily, while others would say simple should be the way of life. We are always cribbing about life being too complex. Forget the world, I myself usually complain about everything being so hard to decipher. So, lets take it step by step. We'll list down the pros and cons, and of course these are pros or cons from my perspective. Each his own.

What if everyone started talking directly, as in, everything I say has only one meaning and its said directly. Now this sounds like a good solution right? Now talk about telling someone his weaknesses. If you say it directly, is the person at the receiving end going to take it in the right spirit? One may say, that's not my lookout...but everything should be clear. Another may believe that we can add an exception in such cases so that criticism doesn't have unwanted effects on the person concerned. Adding an exception wil…

A nice office MavalShrushti

We at office, had not gone for a trip since long (there hasn't been a single outing after I joined, owing to recession,layoffs etc etc)
The trip was planned for the 10th of August '09, a Monday. Usually monday is accompanied with mooonday blues, and getting up late..procrastination, finding reasons of going late to work and so on. But this monday, I woke up much before 6am. Had to reach office by 7:30 and so had decided to leave home by 7. Roads were very clear and though I didn't really drive fast (Ok, my kine can't really move very fast..but still :)) , I reached office in 20 minutes and didn't find anyone, not even the bus. People started trickling in and in some time all of us were ready to leave. Everyone settled in the bus and the journey started towards MavalShrushti.
We played dumb charades...even our VP Engineering, joined in very enthusiastically. While playing the game I only just realised just how much I needed a break from code, as I tried explaining the…

Swine Flu

Clearing some myths about swine flu here.


Ok, I know you have guessed till now that the title is in korean. If you don't want to go and translate let me tell you, the title is "Jigsaw". And as for why Korean of all the languages, let me tell you...Korean has given me sleepless nights and 'loggy' I more than love the language :P

I was always fond of solving jigsaw puzzles. I remember putting together the innumerable cardboard pieces together as a kid. It was fun solving puzzles I had done before too, each time solving it faster. I've still preserved many of these, and believe me its still fun playing with the cardboard pieces.
Recently I heard of jigzone (thanks Khyati) and I'm a fan already. It has daily puzzles. It has a huge archive. You can upload any pics from your system too. The best part is the variety in the shapes of the cuts. Ever imagined pieces in the shapes of lizards? :).

The crazy cut

and the triangular cut

are awesome. Use these cuts when the number of pieces are more tha…