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A weekend getaway..a group trip..after ages!

If you scan through my blog posts, you will notice that it had many posts of trips and its plannings between 2008-2010. After which, the office gang split, since the foreign lands always steal away friends!

Anyway, last year I met Mohsin's engineering friends and their wives briefly. We had another small dinner early this year, because the group gets together when foreign friends appear in homeland for a brief span. They seemed to be nice people. There is a planner 'star' in this group without whom this group would only exist on whatsapp a.k.a DJ. So he tossed out a fresh plan -> Diveagar over the weekend. At first I was a little skeptical, a dinner is fine but travelling and staying with people I hardly knew. To add to it, they were Mohsin's friends. We had some discussions and after a 'no' and then finally a 'yes' we decided to go for it.

We were to meet 'Galli' a.k.a Shrinivas at 7:30am at our place and move on to the meeting point. As fo…