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The city of caves

It had been long since we had a family always being difficult to find a suitable time..since my younger sis is still in college. So, after we had her exam timetable all our leaves were planned and we were going on a family trip..:)

First plan was Goa. Everything was planned out, but just before the bookings were made a friend of Dad's called up and incidentally he was in Goa and informed us that it has started raining in Goa. This made us cancel plans for Goa, since we didnt want to stay in the resort but have fun outside..and on the beach. So Goa cancelled, everyones upbeat enthusiasm was out..everyone was ragged. Just then Dad suggested Aurangabad, and we were like..okay we have our leaves..we dont want to cancel them... lets go...and we certainly did enjoy our stay at the city of caves!

We started on 5th at around 6am. The roads were clear, but we passed quite a few villages on the way and villagers dont really give a damn to vehicles even if they are yelling their lungs…


The 31st Of May '09..was a magical sunday...

What was magical? Two primary reasons...Pree was here , all four of us (the Zaapies as we call ourselves) were going to meet, and ofcourse..the magical Rahman show..:)

It all started with pree announcing (broadcasting rather..:P) that she'scoming to Pune on the 30th.
After comparing all our (very busy :P) schedules...and since we wanted to spend some quality time with each other, and all four of us wanted to be present, the best day was Sunday, the 31st. All plans were set..we were to go Durga tekdi..and then Ghorawadeshwar..and then Rahman concert.

But as luck would have it, our amzee goes and falls off (sashtang namaskar karne ko..:P) from the local train and injures herself. So now changes in plan..after all of us are up early on a sunday. Plans changed at 8am...instead of going trekking we settle for a lunch and usual restaurant hopping before going for the Rahman concert. We were to meet at 11am at Papa John's Ghole Road.
With a…