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Its me, I've changed

Ohh yes, this blog has been ignored for quite some time now. Why?
I do not have an answer. There have been things worth writing, not that there were too many fun things I did and did not write about, but there were things I decided, infact I could see the blogpost in my mind, but I did not pen it down. Why? Laziness? Inertia? What? I don't have an answer.

Yes, I have changed. For better or worse, I'm not sure.
I don't like being around people ( in in acquaintances..) right now. Is it me or the people around me, I'm not sure (again, yes I'm not sure about things these days). But yes, I can't take attitude. Not even if they're worth it. Keep that away from me, or eat it yourself.

Then today, I started thinking. I travel 14 kms to work every day (yes it was 13 earlier, but then they constructed a new bridge which basically makes a 200 meter stretch a km long .. so 1 more km added to the activa's kitty..happy!). 14kms, of which 90% of t…


Diwali vacation, Christmas vacation, Eid vacation ?

Gandhi Jayanti holiday, Shiv Jayanti holiday, Muharram holiday?

That feeling..

..when you can't express your feelings..
..when you are lost in a crowd..
..when you want time to fly faster..
..when you wish you could be there too..
..when you hope it would not be so hard..
..when you want to feel that feeling again..
..when those words can never get out of your head..
..when those memories are what you cling on to..
..when the world is too unknown..
..when you wish it weren't that far..
..when you hope for that one glance..
..when you know it hasn't been so long..
..when you crave for something that seems too far..
..when you want to shout out loud..
..when you wish it would have been easier..

..when you wish you hadn't rambled so much!

My new cell!

Yes, finally! My last cellphone was a disaster (the worst model Nokia has ever made. The 7610 Supernova Series)
What problems did it have? The battery backup is bad (too bad given its a Nokia handset), frequent heating of the keypad and slider panel, frequent short circuiting on the charging/power/headphone pin, display suddenly starts showing strange lines and blinks unnecessarily suddenly. Maybe I had a faulty piece!

Anyway, so now to the new cellphone. I did a lot of research this time (last time I bought one on impulse and background checking :P) So here are a few tips before you decide a smartphone for yourself.
1. Do not go for a slider phone with a keypad. It certainly gives problems sooner or later. I have seen cases where the slider gets jammed and the heating problem is frequent.
2. Earlier I wanted a touch + type phone. But this limits the touch screen and makes it really small. If you need a type phone just because messaging is easier, let me tell you that typing …

Information Hiding

What is information hiding?
In programming, the process of hiding details of an object or function. Information hiding is a powerful programming technique because it reduces complexity. One of the chief mechanisms for hiding information is encapsulation -- combining elements to create a larger entity. The programmer can then focus on the new object without worrying about the hidden details.
But I don't intend to talk about it from the programming point of view. I'm going to get into the human psyche, the human urge to hide information.
Case1:  Two house-wives talking about their lives Lady 1 : So how is everything at your end? Your daughter got admission to junior college? Lady 2 : Yes, everything is fine. Yes she got admission. Lady 1 : (Couldn't she have said which college?!?) Which college? Lady 2 : College X Lady 1 : Nice. But that is really far from your place right. How does she travel? Lady 2 : Yes it is far. I don't know, she manages. Lady 1 : (How can you not k…

Keep in touch

Back then in school...I didn't have a cell phone. A landline (without a caller ID) sufficed. We left school and moved on, we said "keep in touch"

Junior college beckoned and so did new friends. Some had cell phones then. Landlines were left out. We left junior college and moved on, we said "keep in touch"

Engineering college was the next stop, new friends, new dreams, new future plans. First year was a blast.
Landlines with caller IDs were common. Missed calls even then, told us we are in touch.

Next year, we left each other to join our respective departments, we said "keep in touch"

Three more years in the same college, cell phones were common now. We had each other's contact numbers, we said "we will keep in touch"
The social networking craze caught up, every friend was on your profile. We said "we will keep in touch"

College years passed by, jobs started pouring in money. New friends at work, new trips, new definitions of a …

Calling all pedestrians

Please pay attention. Your life is precious.
Please use footpaths to walk (well, where they are available and are not broken or filled with construction material).
Please look where you tread. While walking on the road, please don't sway your hands so that you hit a motorist. We know you can't stop talking to someone somewhere via your cellphone, but please ask the person at the other end if he/she values your life.
While crossing the road, use the zebra crossing, else how would someone know that you have decided to stand right in the middle of thick traffic?

If you don't value your life enough, atleast value the life of the people who are drving and will be held responsible for the loss of your life.

Yours sincerely,
A motorist.

What happens when.. don't know what you want out of life? Everyone seems to know what keeps them ticking.
It has to be something immaterial right? Something that you control?

***Disclaimer...if you decide to go ahead of this point, please do not..DO NOT come back to me with more questions..or any answers!****

What if you can't see anything that keeps you going? I mean is it that your inhuman then?
Is it that you would do anything that came your way? You have your preferences right? So that means you know what you don't want to do? When will you find out what you want to do?

Will you die being a worthless piece of the jigsaw called life? Will you contribute without ever knowing? Is it really important that people recognize and appreciate your work?

If self-confidence is what can get you out of tricky situations, what is that will keep your self-confidence intact? Will you ever be happy and satisfied? Will you ever find your true worth?

Why do I need to find the answers to these questions…

This is probably why...

...I stopped reading newspapers!

The newspapers are usually filled with accidents, murders, scams, politician's karname, or film/sports stars and their controversies.
But today, it was amazing!

At one end, we have a situation where someone was in dire need of much so, that they stole the cellphone of someone, badly injured in an accident, who was offering the cellphone to call someone for help.
At the other end, we have someone who does so much to save a crow that was entangled in the manja

Human life is no more of value I guess...
Yes, we heard of kalyug but never thought we'd be living in that forbidden age.

A tryst with male ego

Two vehicles are driving peacefully. Each not bothered by the other's presence. One a goods truck (no goods loaded then) and another a small petite activa. The truck was driven by a male (obv..I haven't seen females driving trucks..wonder why?) and the activa by a female.

Its 9:30 at night. Only chowks which usually have traffic jam problems have their traffic signals working.
At one particular chowk where the signals were red, the activa stands beside the truck (lets call activa the A and truck the T from now onwards). So, as the signal lights turn green, T makes delay in starting and A sees a gap through which she can drive. This hurts T's overblown ego and decides to almost crush A. A reasons with herself and applies the brakes. T moves ahead happily. But T is huge, so he gets stuck ahead and A unknowingly overtakes T. This has bruised T enough. So he comes speeding after A, not seeing that the signal ahead is red. Lucky for T and the other vehicles around, the signal t…

Another year..another decade...has gone by...

Its high time, I thought about the mistakes I made, my achievements and plans for the future.

Ten years ago...I was in school. I lived in a world view of my own. Everyone was nice, everyone was helpful, everyone was a friend. After passing out from school, like a very innocent kid, I entered junior college. A place I like to remember as one which prepared me and shaped my personality as it is today. Engineering was just the tadka I needed in my life. It brought me out of my shell completely. While I still do call myself shy and reticent, I don't know what I would have called myself back in school. Shy and reticent raised to infinity? Perhaps!
I then entered corporate life. A world that was luckily not much different from engineering college and even better we get paid :) I made good impressions, ones that I never believed and don't believe even today are of me! I made good friends too and we had a lot of fun trips, while the group was intact. As I see it now, its dispersed and…

An eventful week

Vacations are always welcome, specially in between a schedule of hardwork :P

My learnings/hot happenings last week

1. People always want to party, by eating all the stuff you have been avoiding, only when you are on a diet.
2. Ginger lime juice is awesome. Have to try making it myself.
3. Someone tried to steal my kinetic! Yes! You read kinetic!
4. I got killed (obv almost) by a BEST bus. Uptil now I believed that only the PMPML buses have conspired against me, but I was wrong.
5. Driving in the mist is enjoyable only when you are not in the driver's seat :P
6. How do people breathe in Mumbai? Don't the teeny weeny streets and unmanageable crowd suffocate them?
7. Everyone is not bad. Those who seem to be good people, may not be so. (My fav petrol pump cheats :( )
8. Driving is fun when you don't drive rash to teach others a lesson (basically no one wants to improve)
9. Its so scary to hear crackers bursting in a city like Mumbai.
10. The maximum shopping we do t…