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Realisation parineeta!

All of us have seen the movie 'Parineeta' right?
Majority of us liked the movie for the sheer brilliance in the simplicity of the story telling and the brilliant performances.
I happened to read the novel, the english translation by Malobika Chaudhuri. And I was overwhelmed by the simplicity, not only of the lives of people then but also of the language used. Nowadays we don't come across novels written in such simple language. There wasn't a single word that I had to lookup and then move ahead.
The plot as we have all seen in the movie, is of a family with a greedy rich businessman, eyeing another poor friend's house and bossing over him for a loan given. The rich man's son falls in love with the poor man's niece. Its a simple plot and the ending is happy. But, why I chose to mention the novel here is just how much difference it makes while watching simplicity and in imagining simplicity when someone describes it. This novel felt very fresh. The life way b…

Jaago re!

I was of 'vote'able age a couple of years ago, but I somehow could not get myself registered.
I submitted the form twice, but to no avail. Not that I do not value my power  to vote, but I was too lazy to move some muscles and go and do my work myself. I always gave this one and that one forms, and it was 4 years before I realised that I have to start moving myself if I plan to contribute a drop to the ocean.
Then when the 'jaago re' campaign started, I registered myself there and they're constant reminders maybe, somehow, subconsciously made me do the needful.
So, here I am, my first invaluable vote cast on the 13th of October 2009.
Mixed feelings ensue...
Did I use this right of mine, correctly? The answer to this is, you can never say so. You have to pick from a bunch of rotten tomatoes and you have to pick the 'best' 'rotten' one. So I don't ever see a foolproof solution to this problem.
I was never so much into politics. I never really bothe…

Sweet labour

The last weekend, was a long weekend and pree was here. Whenever pree is here, we have a closed circuit and memorable fun is guaranteed :)
The planning part as always so full of confusion, not here when etc etc..but I won't get there as that's part and parcel of any planning process :)
So, the plan was set. 2nd October, we were going to Lohgad and Visapur.
Ash n me were to catch the local at 6:30 from pune station and pree and amz were to board the same train from shivajinagar at 6:36 :D. I  was already tensed, as boarding the same train from different stations etc, I never agree to. But according to our very own amz, it is the tension that makes trips fun :P.
So, ash & me somehow managed to catch the said train but the remaining people were we got off at shivajinagar. Decided to board another Kolhapur-Mumbai express. This train was crowded, so even though we had tickets we travelled in the luggage compartment.

Was fun only till the sabjiwalas climbed i…