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Get set go!

This plan was not even on the PRD a year ago..and look at it now! Its on the brink of its GA :D
Yaaay, we are finally going to pree's new place! We are going to bangalore to make it a noisy noisy place, filled with chatter and gossip and laughter and giggles! Its just many? what?? less than 24 hours? wow! it still hasn't sunk in :)

Okay, i'll start describing the planning phase and then maybe i'll come to believe i'm really going.
When pree went to bangalore we had always thought that we will go visit her one day, and these plans always remained only plans until the 2nd of October when pree was here and we went to Lohgad. I still remember it was then when we got serious and discussed our leaves. Everyone had leave for Christmas and Ash, had very less leaves and so we all took leaves when she had a week long off (week long..even i want a week long off for chrsitmas :(
So, anyway..amz and me were discussing how many days leave we need and then we settled…


- You are responsible for your actions. Don't think anyone else is supposed to take the blame.

- When you are vulnerable it is your responsibility to avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable state.

- When you want to rebel, it is always better you don't.

- In India power is vested with uniformed gundas . If you try to fight them you end up as shown in  
   movies - insulted and looked down upon by other onlookers who know not how to help.

- If you expect others to help you for the sake of humanity, you are not fit to live.

- When you don't want to be frustrated (since you have all the reason to rejoice) you will always find plenty of
   reasons to be frustrated.

- When you are not wrong, you have to gulp down words of disgust. If you cannot do so, you are not fit to

- You would like to believe 'honesty is the best policy' but you should probably know that the ability to lie
   perfectly is inbuilt in humans these days. If you don't have it in you, that …

6th December, 2009

Welcome to the 24th International Pune marathon, AIDs charity run. I heard about it but was not very sure I was going to run. I sort of organised the whole 'going together' in the company. And now since I got people to get ready early in the morning and run, I had to be there on time and so I went :)
Driving early morning in the fog was fun. Traffic lights said 'make your way' and my rear view mirror liked the misty cover. I loved the speed my kine loves and we made it to office by 7:15am, bang on time.
Out of the 24 participants that registered only 11 showed up and I was happy I hadn't ditched the group :P

Anyway, the run started at 8:20 (can you believe it started before time :P). We were to run from Alka chowk towards Nehru Stadium a mere 3.5 kms. But was it a mere 3.5 kms? No. I barely ran 500 meters and I was tired. Almost at every look at vehicles stalled due to the run I felt like hitchhiking :P. But thanks to my friend and motivator who …