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"I haven't been blogging these days"
"Does that mean I have done nothing 'post' worthy or is that 'm just plain lazy to see through the beauty of every moment?"
"Beauty of every moment? hello...give me a break. That's just a very subtle way of saying that you have nothing worth talking about."
"I see, that means I need to introspect"
"Aaah, that's how it goes eh? Ok go on, I'm sure the best you can babble about is Pune's traffic"
"Man, you know me inside out. Its the Pune traffic. Its the squabbles and arguments with siblings and parents. Its basically everything getting on my nerves. Is it me or is it my nerves?"
"Lets go hit the couch"
"No but wait, I guess I've been bunking gym too"
"So, how does that get on your nerves?"
"No, that's something good I've done in the whole week maybe :P"
"Sad there you're back..with a bang..…

Lazy bones need some exercise...

Yea, that's what the human body needs. And being in the IT industry its a must.
Its been almost two years since I started working and I tried lots of diets (which were specially designed by me..and included pastries and cadB and chaat and lots of other calorie-full and yummy food :D). So anyway none of these diets worked anyway. I tried starving myself and slimmed down a little but then that's against my spirit 'I live to eat'. I kept thinking I'll go for walks...I'll get up and exercise..I'll go swimming...I'll go and play tennis...but I always found some very convincing reason (convincing reason for myself :P) to avoid physical exercise. After the marathon debacle I even started my stairs exercise which went on for hardly a week and a half.
So after all free means of exercise failed, I switched over to the gym. This gym is very close to home, so that saves me some more sleep time and gives me more reason to not bunk the gym.

Today was my first day. I …