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The medical checkup

My company announced that we could undergo a medical checkup, the company would bear the cost.
Anything that's free sounds good right? So after much ado we scheduled our checkup and reached early (8:30 is really very early!)

As soon as we went in we were asked to fill out a form, which apart from other details had a question "Nature of work" I had to think really hard, but then since I could not think of anything but sedentary, I went with my neighbor who wrote "software engineer"

Next was the drinking water test. Drink, drink and drink but the USG expert was not satisfied. Wonder why all the guys passed the test in the first go and all us girls were asked to drink more water! I will keep away from water for quite some days now.

Then the blood that they extracted for test(s), which I am sure will last me the tests for a few years now. And he could not find my vein, so he made three holes as compared to only two for others.

The other tests were not as complicat…