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Keep in touch

Back then in school...I didn't have a cell phone. A landline (without a caller ID) sufficed. We left school and moved on, we said "keep in touch"

Junior college beckoned and so did new friends. Some had cell phones then. Landlines were left out. We left junior college and moved on, we said "keep in touch"

Engineering college was the next stop, new friends, new dreams, new future plans. First year was a blast.
Landlines with caller IDs were common. Missed calls even then, told us we are in touch.

Next year, we left each other to join our respective departments, we said "keep in touch"

Three more years in the same college, cell phones were common now. We had each other's contact numbers, we said "we will keep in touch"
The social networking craze caught up, every friend was on your profile. We said "we will keep in touch"

College years passed by, jobs started pouring in money. New friends at work, new trips, new definitions of a …