The 31st Of May '09..was a magical sunday...

What was magical? Two primary reasons...Pree was here , all four of us (the Zaapies as we call ourselves) were going to meet, and ofcourse..the magical Rahman show..:)

It all started with pree announcing (broadcasting rather..:P) that she'scoming to Pune on the 30th.
After comparing all our (very busy :P) schedules...and since we wanted to spend some quality time with each other, and all four of us wanted to be present, the best day was Sunday, the 31st. All plans were set..we were to go Durga tekdi..and then Ghorawadeshwar..and then Rahman concert.

But as luck would have it, our amzee goes and falls off (sashtang namaskar karne ko..:P) from the local train and injures herself. So now changes in plan..after all of us are up early on a sunday. Plans changed at 8am...instead of going trekking we settle for a lunch and usual restaurant hopping before going for the Rahman concert. We were to meet at 11am at Papa John's Ghole Road.
With all the excitement..about all of us being together after so long..I sleep off...:D Amz forgets to inform pree about the new plans. At 10:45 am, Ash wakes me up..and while Im still hurrying up to be on time...amz calls and realises that she hasnt informed pree.... what confusion...not that we aren't used to it..with amz around..:P

Ash & I reached our destination by 11:40 and we aren't late (we follow AST..i.e. Amz Standard Time..when amz is around..:P), while pree has just left her place. After reaching the venue we play a welcome prank on amz...and then settle down for our usual..chatty chats..:D. We have a pre pree meal..then a post pree meal...:D
We had a lot of fun at Papa Johns...the cheese was yummy...:)
We laughed louder..and became noisier as and when the people around us gave us stares for being noisy..:D

After a lot of noise and confusion and snaps...amz..left to meet her relatives, while the three of us decided to go to Mocha and gorge on chocolate avalanche before leaving for 'The' Rahman concert.

It was pretty well managed, I would say. Lines were well maintained and the entry procedure went off pretty smoothly. Being the "poor" junta we found a soft patch and made ourselves comforatble. The show started by 7:15 and had some pathetic speeches and even more pathetic RJs...acting as hosts... Rahman finally emerged at 7:30 and then on...we were mesmerized for a good three hours.
When Rahman played the piano with Hariharan and Roop Kumar Rathod sang slow melodies like Tu Hi Re...Khamosh felt like magic. The moonlight added to the effect.
The best part was the mixing of almost all of Rahman's melodies. It was the best best mix ever. We had a huge dance floor(the lawn and the race tracks..:) Then Rahman played the harmonium while singing Khwaja...which was heavenly! After that came the finale...'Jai Ho'...which ended with a smart mix of Vande mataram...! An awesome show...of talent..! The so humble Rahman even said...while being showered with accolades and blessings..that "Here we are so scared, when we go off tune...we wonder...what to do now..." :)
After that the crowd dispersed and we started running around in the hope of finding public transport. PMT buses had been arranged at that late hour till Corporation. However, buses from there were not available..:) We managed to reach home safely..(felt like an adventure..:P) Pree was at ash's place for the night and came to my place next day in the morning...where we had yummy aamras..:)

An awesome was was one..that I will never ever forget..:)

For a nice description of the Rahman concert...Pree's blog...


Pravaahit... said…
hey!!!! bhariiii :)
everything was amazing!!! simply amazing!!!
Pappul said…
It reads ... sounds ... feels ... AMAZING ... !!
John said…
nice... khoooop masti keleli distey sundayla.. :P
Mohsin Khan said…
sahi hai.. dosto ke sath..
and yes, the Rahman show was amazing..
Readable me :) said…
lovely zar!! if ever my grey cells under grey hair(im talkin strictly of future here) ;) cant recollect any of our comin straight here, keep posting!

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