Back to school

Yea, literally..I went back to school yesterday. No I didn't have to attend classes this time round, but the feeling of being in your school premises after 8 whole indescribable!

It all started with an update on facebook, St.Felix has an alumni meet on 28th February 2010. And my reaction was 'finally'!! I mean I hadn't been to school, hadn't met teachers, hadn't been in school for almost 8 years now (yea, I did attend the fete some years ago, but that wasn't really quality time). So, started asking batchmates if they're attending and then thinking what its going to be like going to school again.
However, close school friends couldn't make it, but I certainly wanted to attend and this time too, we went as we used to go always, all three sisters together :) Felt so nice and mom kept saying you'll are going to school :) Obviously we weren't in uniforms this time, we had let our hair loose, like we did on the farewell (wonder how can you feel free in sarees :P).
So, step one inside school and all the memories come floating into your mind. Everything was just the same, the entrance, the basketball court. We used to have lunch here, with our dabbas and napkins to sit on and groups we had lunch with. The entrance used to be covered with those wild white flowers which we had fun collecting and making bouquets of. The field, now more levelled reminded us of the sports day and its preparations and the marchpast. All our PT classes were on that field. The throwball court, those slides and swings and the jungle gym for kids!
We also had a gym in school, not a gymnasium but it was called a gym. It was just a kind of a platform adjacen to the building, where we had our assembly every morning. Reminded me of those few days when I had to lead the prayer and the national anthem/pledge. It is still there, untouched and looking younger by the day.

The classrooms...God! Those small chairs we sat on, those desks.

Those millions of charts we made. And if your chart was put up on the landing, it was a big achievement back then.

The classrooms are improving now with nice blackboards and there are going to be OHPs and a computer and internet facility for the teachers to use the new technology and teach. Sure seems fun for the new batches there!
The school hall, the new one, we had our farewell there and also our teacher's day and children's day. The stage, the lights, the microphones.
And the teachers, they were more than excited to see us. And talking to them, and they in turn recognising or even calling out to you by your first name! The feeling is unbelievably the best ever! The teachers even remembered the greeting cards we used to give them on teacher's day and mentioned that they were just reading throught hem the other day. The best thing I've ever heard! We made such a difference in their lives, those small greeting cards did, how I wish I had given them more of them!
How can I forget the chapel in school. We used to go there everday, it was so peaceful  inside. And the holywater made us feel so pure somehow. We went there yesterday too and as soon as you step inside it just cuts out all the noise and hulla gulla outside. That's our school chapel!
The small program they had prepared was lots of fun, wherein they made us do the boogie dance and also the birdy dance. Made us feel like kids all over again :) And the happiness around was contagious. There were a few people from the 70's batch who had turned up!

Some moments...
My marathi teacher, Mrs Kathale. I spoke to her in correct marathi for the first time yesterday :)

Mrs. Lakhamsey, my Science2 teacher. I was the most attentive student in her class :)

Mrs.Jane Anthony, my Science1 teacher. I was the most attentive student in her class too :)

Mrs.Moniz, my english, geography, economics teacher who made these subjects very easy for me. She was the one who taught me that it is 'pronUnciation'!

Mrs.Mahajan, always jovial always excited. She taught all of three of us sisters :)

The staircase, where I was supposed to ask people to maintain silence!

So many moments, so many years we spent there....
Felixians rock!


Pravaahit... said…
hey nice zar... i liked this post!!! Going back to school and meeting teachers who unknowingly made difference in our life... feels nice...
Zaru said…
thanks ya :) was the best feeling ever :)
Pappul said…
wonderful ... your love for ur school came out so so well ... Cheers ... !!
Readable me :) said…
I wana visit my Alma Mater too!! :) Wonderfully described! I could almost imagine lil' zar on her knees at the church like I had seen you do at Mysore :)
Zaru said…
thanks ya :)

yup..its nice to be back in surrounding where you were so innocent and naive :)
n thanks :)
Charuta said…
Hey I like the new layout n theme !!
Zaru said…

thnx..its much more cleaner and simpler :)

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