PMC is constructing roads. Why? Pune is a metro in the making, so the roads should be of good quality. Which roads? The highways. Okay. That's a great thing. Go on, do it. 
Now as the PMC has its budget drawn out, funds allocated, what do they do? They take years and years to complete a small stretch of the road. In doing so, they dig up the road and then, do not build approach roads for the bylanes. Result? I don't see any resultant progress in the current state of transport by roads. All I see is a deterioration.
Now what? The residents somehow manage to find a way to get to the main road, troubling their vehicles, tyres too the hilt everyday, while leaving home and also while returning. Then one fine day, PMC feels they should be an approach road, no matter how stony, however large the difference between the levels of the main road and the approach road. Okay, so residents now go over the stony, unlevelled path. No complaints still.
Now, as the rains approach PMC gets into the groove and wants to complete the job, sorry the job? No the patch of road they were constructing since ages. 
Then one fine sunday, when everyone is at home and looks forward to a nice relaxed day at home, to shake off the stress and gear up for a whole week of work. And then, that day PMC wants to work. On a Sunday! Yaay, we're so privileged to live in an era when the government works on a sunday too.
So, what do they do? They dig up the road (yea, the road that was still being constructed) and then...they cut off the power. At what time? 11:00 am on a sunday, when people are just waking up..lazying around at home. Ok, we think the lights will be back in a while. 
Its 2pm and no power yet. We call MSEB and they say 
Resident : "Ithe light naiye saheb. 3 taas zhale atta"
MSEB fella : "madam, te kaam chalu ahe na rastyacha, tya mule band ahe power. To cable disconnect karawa lagto na, underground cable ahe"
Resident : "Te sagla jaudya, light kadhi yenare?"
MSEB fella : "madam yeil light 5 kinva 6 vaje paryant"
Resident : "evha vel?"
MSEB fella : "ho na madam. kaamch tasa ahe na. Hoil"
Resident : "thike"
ok, so now I can take a nap till 5pm. Cool.
its 7pm now, no power yet.
Resident : "Ajun light ali naiye. Ajun tumcha cable juravla naiye ka?"
MSEB fella : "Ho na madam, hoil. ajun ek taas lagel. AAj yeil light"
Resident : "Aaj yeil mhanje? divas samplach na ho."
MSEB fella : "Ho na madam, andhar honya aadhi yeil light"
Resident : "Baher bagha saheb, andhar zhalay. Aaj light yeil mhantay, ithe pani cha problem zhalay light nai akkha divas mhanun. Theva atta phone, aaj yeil mhanta.."
8pm, another call
Resident : "Saheb, ek taas zhala na."
MSEB fella : "Ho saheb, kay zhala na, cable jodla, pan mag dusra fault nighala. Tyachya sathi rasta peth la java lagte"
Resident : "Ho na mag, rasta peth kuthe America la ahe ka? Tyala akkha divas lagto ka?"
MSEB fella : "hehe..nai nai saheb. Hoil 11:30 paryant yete light"
Resident : bangs the phone.

When is the power restored? sometime after 2am. So that makes it 15 hours without power?
What did the PMC actually do? they constructed a road? sorry a small patch of the road and in doing so, break a cable. And to fix that cable, they take close to 10 hours?

I say, what efficiency! If we have such efficiency, I'd say we don't want new cement roads. We are happy with the potholes we drive through. Thanks PMC!


Satish said…
This is same dilemma we have in IT life, manager keep on calling developers for ETA (completion date/time) and we keep showing him Gajar (hope)..And then after a week/month of delay developer deliver deliverable ... at end client/manager/developer all are happy and move on to next things...

Pretty sure same case in every domain of work :D

cheers the model...
Zaru said…
hehe..nice correlation there :) Wonder why I didn't come up with it...

yea..the model is the same though..its the same everywhere..:)

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