What happens when..

..you don't know what you want out of life? Everyone seems to know what keeps them ticking.
It has to be something immaterial right? Something that you control?

***Disclaimer...if you decide to go ahead of this point, please do not..DO NOT come back to me with more questions..or any answers!****

What if you can't see anything that keeps you going? I mean is it that your inhuman then?
Is it that you would do anything that came your way? You have your preferences right? So that means you know what you don't want to do? When will you find out what you want to do?

Will you die being a worthless piece of the jigsaw called life? Will you contribute without ever knowing? Is it really important that people recognize and appreciate your work?

If self-confidence is what can get you out of tricky situations, what is that will keep your self-confidence intact? Will you ever be happy and satisfied? Will you ever find your true worth?

Why do I need to find the answers to these questions for myself? Why is it that we cannot read our own mind, but are able to understand someone else better? Why is it that we lie so much to ourselves?


Mohsin Khan said…
I don't think there are generic answers.. Ofcourse I believe some answers are better than others, but there is no rigorous justification for it otherwise.. And I'd add that there are no final answers either.. your thoughts will evolve.. I think the key is to enjoy the journey, and making your choices consciously.. It will guard (in some measure) against the unforeseen consequences.. Because alas, you can't have everything.. Don't fret too much, life is short.. Enjoy!! :)
Zaru said…
I wish I could even think like you do..I mean..even come a little close to it... but yes...enjoy..that's the point. I do not know what I enjoy!
Satish said…
Interesting to read this blog entry, I would say I will have same question perhaps more in fact..

PS: looks like you are not posting much these days..
Zaru said…
yup..it seems...everyone has questions :)
its just the people with answers..that are say..scarce :)

yes..I will start posting more :)

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