My new cell!

Yes, finally! My last cellphone was a disaster (the worst model Nokia has ever made. The 7610 Supernova Series)
What problems did it have? The battery backup is bad (too bad given its a Nokia handset), frequent heating of the keypad and slider panel, frequent short circuiting on the charging/power/headphone pin, display suddenly starts showing strange lines and blinks unnecessarily suddenly. Maybe I had a faulty piece!

Anyway, so now to the new cellphone. I did a lot of research this time (last time I bought one on impulse and background checking :P) So here are a few tips before you decide a smartphone for yourself.
1. Do not go for a slider phone with a keypad. It certainly gives problems sooner or later. I have seen cases where the slider gets jammed and the heating problem is frequent.
2. Earlier I wanted a touch + type phone. But this limits the touch screen and makes it really small. If you need a type phone just because messaging is easier, let me tell you that typing on the virtual qwerty is simple and not tedious at all. Give it a try and you will fall in love with messaging :)
3. I had a look at Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericcson. The models I am talking about here are entry level or mid-range models. (I don't think I can/want to spend 15K or above on a cellphone!) Samsung phone looks classy but I preferred the touch experience provided by HTC to be way better. Sony, I won't comment much. It felt like a resistive touch screen. yes their new models boast of faster clock speeds and higher RAM, but the touch experience does not go well with that.
4. The Samsung galaxy range models are either an entry level phone or a higher end model. Yes, the galaxy ace is one model which won't burn your pocket and will also give you a good android experience. But as its been almost 6 months after this model was launched, you never know when it will be stopped. And anyway that can't be upgraded to 3.0. So HTC..wildfire S. This awesome awesome phone.

The camera picture quality is awesome! (Yes I don't need one that's too professional)
Typing is made super easy with the predictions, which keeps learning while you type. Use it in the landscape mode and you are bowled over by the ease and simplicity!

And the touch screen is super sensitive (My mom gets scared to even put her finger close to anything on the screen :P) And it boasts of HTC sense. I have to experience that yet, but the weather widget they have looks pretty awesome.

The review I read, spoke about low screen resolution and bad call quality. But I haven't experienced anything of that sort yet. Its all makkhan :D

Will keep this space updated with any further findings/drawbacks etc.
Till recommendations are welcome :)


Pravaahit... said…
haha.. good one.
but not sure abt ur finding of ace though.. will check out.. enjoyee n lets meet in person to compare models :P
Unknown said…
Comparing to the Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Wildfire S is a better one. Because, its
Android 2.3(Ginger Bred),
Battery back-up is more and,
Performance is better.
But, it is not that much efficient in camera. Its good enough.
You choice is a better one. :)
I'm also, you using the same..... :D

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