Its me, I've changed

Ohh yes, this blog has been ignored for quite some time now. Why?
I do not have an answer. There have been things worth writing, not that there were too many fun things I did and did not write about, but there were things I decided, infact I could see the blogpost in my mind, but I did not pen it down. Why? Laziness? Inertia? What? I don't have an answer.

Yes, I have changed. For better or worse, I'm not sure.
I don't like being around people ( in in acquaintances..) right now. Is it me or the people around me, I'm not sure (again, yes I'm not sure about things these days). But yes, I can't take attitude. Not even if they're worth it. Keep that away from me, or eat it yourself.

Then today, I started thinking. I travel 14 kms to work every day (yes it was 13 earlier, but then they constructed a new bridge which basically makes a 200 meter stretch a km long .. so 1 more km added to the activa's kitty..happy!). 14kms, of which 90% of the time I am applying brakes, the remaining 10% of the time my back and muscles and bones are shuddering and aching due to the wonderful roads and speedbreakers we have here in Pune (Its the second best city to live in? who says that?) So, the question is, why do I travel so much for work? Yes, the company. That matters. That's the thing that wakes me up everyday and tells me to drive off. Evening is simple, getting home. Its like a jaan pe khelke, pahunche hai task. Yes, I used to do the dare devil acts and jaha jagah dikhe waha ghusao driving, but I'm tired. I've switched back to, let those in a hurry (everyone else is in a hurry, always!) reach their destinations a few seconds earlier. It doesn't matter. I'll take care of my muscles, I'll need them when I'm old.

And then, this phase suddenly ended when Pree said "tu bore ban rahi hai" which zapped me back to reality. So hopefully I'll be back to normal pretty soon.


Huh.. nice post ...

Seems this post is inspired due to pree's comment ...
but, didnt understand wht it is to do with ur driving skills... ??

u used to hurry for work and drive fast?? u have become workholic or wht?? Still not getting it..
Zaru said…
@Amruta read again :)
and to clarify, the post is not inspired by pree's comment, her comment is what got me to bounce back to normal.

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