A weekend getaway..a group trip..after ages!

If you scan through my blog posts, you will notice that it had many posts of trips and its plannings between 2008-2010. After which, the office gang split, since the foreign lands always steal away friends!

Anyway, last year I met Mohsin's engineering friends and their wives briefly. We had another small dinner early this year, because the group gets together when foreign friends appear in homeland for a brief span. They seemed to be nice people. There is a planner 'star' in this group without whom this group would only exist on whatsapp a.k.a DJ. So he tossed out a fresh plan -> Diveagar over the weekend. At first I was a little skeptical, a dinner is fine but travelling and staying with people I hardly knew. To add to it, they were Mohsin's friends. We had some discussions and after a 'no' and then finally a 'yes' we decided to go for it.

We were to meet 'Galli' a.k.a Shrinivas at 7:30am at our place and move on to the meeting point. As for IST (Indian Stretchable Time) we assumed that it would not be before 8:30-9. However, Shri reached on time and we assumed this is going to be one trip where we were 'really' going to leave on time. But then, there has to be someone in the group who brings the delay. Thanks to them, we then munched on to some nice breakfast at some tapri amid jokes and political discussions.

We did move on at around 8:30, for another stop for breakfast, and then finally left by 9:30. The car time college stories were funny. I never remember doing anything remotely this funny, during my entire education. Wonder why 'boys have all the fun'!

Slow and steady, my fears drowned away. This is going to be a superb weekend. New friends are difficult to make, but with people this genuine and nice, it was hardly going to be a problem.

We had a small 'horror' adventure while reaching our stay. The boards read 'Diveagar 22km' then 20,19,18, 11. It then read 0.5 after a few minutes and 20. It was as if we were back to square one. No, it isn't a horror story, just a long drive due to a wrong direction on the board.

We reached our stay at around 3pm. One room for the gals and one for the guys, sounded perfect. After a sumptuous lunch, we then proceeded to the beach. The beach was cleaner than the last time I had been there. Water was salty, as usual. And snaps, umpteen. What with two huge cameras and all the phone cameras. Life is photogenic!

We were then back with appetites as large as a gorilla and we munched on some delicious fried pomfret, chicken and modaks! As for the talks and the jokes, I could not laugh enough!

After this, we had a planned 'night out' in the guys room which lasted only till 2am, but which made us laugh like crazy. The TV, the songs, the movies, the comments, made me cry (literally, with laughter) every time someone said something. And surprisingly everyone woke up early, eager to go back to the beach for some more fun.

We decided to keep this trip less hectic with only place to visit so that we spend more time with each other rather than travelling. After lip smacking lunch, we then proceeded with the journey back home. This time the "girl gang" grouped up in one car, which had a really nice collection of songs. The return journey was enjoyable, all of us humming to the tunes and the climate and scenery on Tamhini ghat added to the joy.

We then departed for our homes, at the meeting point with memories of a great weekend, spent with people and with many more plans to be together, to begin with the 31st December night out.
I hope we have many more such trips, that detox the mind completely.


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