Dive-Agarkar - Second edition

The first edition, the one that created this group, was as memorable as this one, relive it here.

It took us 3 years to get to the second one, but it was worth the wait.
On a side note, we also expanded the group with two tiny-tots!

We had planned to meet at our place, on a 'holi'day. Good food and conversations led to the plan and the dates were finalised! Of course our star planner DJ detailed, booked and executed the plan. We were going to Diveagar!

This time Shri dropped out and Dhaval-Renu decided to become NRIs. But we welcomed two new members Vishwas and Suchitra (who we kept meeting at dinner/lunch plans but they could not make it to the last trip). So we were 8 adults and 1 tiny-tot (Shanaya) who made the trip to Diveagar on the 25th of March, to enjoy the cool summer breeze and the salty ocean.

Since the trip dates were so close to Supriya's birthday, we decided to celebrate it with a cake. Plans and re-plans later, we decided to buy a full cream cake, since we were to meet at DJ's place anyway before leaving. We planned to cut the cake and then start the trip. However, plans changed and Vishwas' car, with Teja, Amrita, Shanaya and Suchitra met our car, with DJ, Supriya, Mohsin and me at Shripad directly for breakfast. Ofcourse we stuffed the cake into the boot of the car and were hoping that the cake remained 'edible' till we reach Diveagar. (Did the cake melt or did it fulfill its destiny? Find out in the next couple of paragraphs :P)

After a tasty breakfast, we left for Diveagar. After Tamhini ghat, we changed drivers and I took over the Jazz. After a while we re-arranged passengers so that we had an all girls and an all guys car. It was fun! I drove such a long distance and a ghat section for the first time!
With good songs, conversations and placating Shanaya with 'humma'(cows) and 'buddy'(dogs), we didn't realise how quickly we reached our destination. We stayed at Chet's Groove, which was rather close to the beach and was surrounded by greenery. The cool breeze that welcomed us at Chet's Groove  made us forget that we had traveled such a long distance in the summer noon heat.

While waiting for our lunch to get ready, we brought out the cake (had you completely forgotten about it?) and luckily it had behaved well (thank you air conditioner!). We had a small celebration and enjoyed the yummy cake.

Till then, lunch was ready (it was already 3 or so by then). We hogged on the delicious homemade food and then left to visit the temple that was bang opposite our stay.

After chai, we made our way to the beach, equipped with a flying disc, rubber ball and one balloon (It was supposed to be a ball, but it was too light, so we renamed it to a balloon). We tried playing with the balloon but it kept flying away, so we let it escape to a place of its choosing. The waves were really strong, they kept pushing us out while also shifting us horizontally. We really worked hard to keep moving back into the sea. We had a lovely time in the water, playing, drowning, splashing water and posing for snaps. We had a photographer this time, Suchitra, who takes lovely snaps.
Mohsin enjoyed the water so much, that he donated his spectacles to the flora and fauna in the sea!

We then returned home cold and salty! After a warm bath and a hot cup of chai, we were ready to hog on delicious modaks and solkadhi. But again, it took a while for the food to arrive. We took turns to eat this time, the gals ate first, while the guys sat silently making sure Shanaya does not wake up. After our dinner, we relieved the guys and we started chatting in whispers. We stayed up till 12, while the guys had their dinner and returned after their post-dinner walk. Supriya slept on till then and was wide awake as soon as we prepared to sleep :P. We then tried to converse in whispers, while I acted as messenger, but we were just laughing more than talking and we could not risking waking up the kid, so we slept peacefully instead.

Next morning, the guys went for a morning walk while we lazed around in our room. We then had yummy breakfast and tea, and then headed to the beach.

Though it was scorching hot, we stayed on for a while with some enjoying a horse ride, some others enjoying paragliding and some others a 'dupki' in the cool sea. We then returned to our rooms with a heavy heart, preparing to leave for home. This time, our lunch was ready on time, with yummy modaks as the dessert!

We left for Pune at around 2pm. We used the same distribution, gals car, guys car. This time, Shanaya fell asleep so we had some really nice discussions, gossips and laughter. At one point the city missed a turn, and as the jazz was following we overtook the guys. There was cheering and happiness all around. Speeds automatically increased and the 'backbenchers' also made sure the guys see our 'tuk tuk' actions. But alas, this happiness was short lived and we went into 'following' mode once again.

After tamhini ghat, we stopped at 'Vitthal Kamat' for some snacks. It was almost 4:30 by then and we were all craving chai. Some adventurous folks wanted to go for something cold, so we had four glasses of lassi served. One sip of the lassi made everyone 'talli' and jokes overflowed. When Shanaya showed some interest in having the lassi, Teja was overjoyed that he would not have to suffer more. But alas, she was just enjoying all the happy faces watching her, trying to sip the lassi. You see, the lassi could not be sipped. It only had to be eaten! Jokes and laughter surrounded our table which made the last leg of the trip even more unforgettable!

Jokes, conversations, discussions made this trip one that will linger on in our memories forever!

Cheers (with a lassi glass) to many more trips to come! (Possibly in a minvan singing a,b,c,d,e,f,g...)

P.S. Do not forget to recommend the lassi to any fellow traveler. It is a must-have! :P


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