Why is life what it is?

Why is making a decision so tough?

Why do we always realize that we made a wrong decision after the decision has been implemented?

Why do we always realize that we made a mistake after the erroneous action has caused the damage?

Why do we make the wrong choices?

Why do we meet the wrong people?

Why can't we forget our fallacious actions easily?

Why does life have moments...moments that we fall weak in?

Why do some actions...lead us to a deep thought process?

Why does introspection show us faults...but no way to undo them?

Why is wrong and right.....defined differently for different people?

Why do people change?

Why do we change?

Why can't we have a ctrl+z for the pages of life?

Why do we have a conscience that keeps pricking?

Why is life what it is?


Mohsin Khan said…
I think that if u always made the perfect choices, never met the wrong people, never felt weak, never changed and so on, Life would be so..boring.. It would cease to be Life in the sense I understand it..

The actual answers would require a lot of science (why time has an arrow, how human psychology works and so on) and a lot of philosphy (distinguishing right and wrong etc), or so I think.. which means we may never be able to see them..
but that's how Life is :)

[One more thing, Life runs Linux, so you better change that keystroke to Ctrl+D [;-)]
Zaru said…
lol..k...point noted..:)

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