Yeah, its called 1x1...a one on one...a meeting with your manager...one on one.

Well, for starters it wasn't literally a 1x1 it was a 2x1, an informal meeting with my manager and director of engineering. Everyone is very informal here and I like it that way, so to make it easier I had a meeting with Sonal and Vinay.

I was a little apprehensive as to the contents of the discussion, but as I said everyone here is so informal that it was just like any other meeting.
We settled in one of the conference rooms, and I was sure this meeting is not going to last for more than 15-20 minutes, coz I didnt have any complicated management level questions...all the questions I had were very technology related, and by the time we started the chat...my set of a 'few' questions reduced to a singleton set :)

Anyway, the talk started, and there were some advises for a fresher...coz the environment changes from college to office...people change from classmates friends to colleagues...that was one intelligent piece of advise, coz it is but natural to form impressions...and as it is every person...is always forming an impression on me...good bad...thats relative...and has dependencies... anyway, before i drift to another discussion..lets get back to the 1x1.

What better compliment could I have asked for...to quote Sonal "Working with you, I felt that I'm working with a developer with atleast 2 years of experience". I was spellbound, and to add to the spell...Vinay adds..."We were just comtemplating whether to hire you, but Sonal insisted. And I'm happy and glad that we did hire you". Man that was some compliment...when people were being laid off, companies were being shutdown, I only proved their decision of hiring me then right! I'm on top of the world...I just cannot explain how much those words meant to me...:)

And as I mentioned before, the meeting didn't last long....it got over in some 25 odd minutes...geez..it was close to half an hour..:D

This is the day, the words...the air...just everything..Im gonna savour for ever and ever...:)


Pappul said…
Congratulations ... !!

I actually echo their statements ... well done ... !!
Zaru said…
@pratik..thank you..thanks a ton..!!
Pravaahit... said…
hmm... well said zar... n well done!!
able to prove ourself... for dat only we struggle so much! N u suceeded in dat! congo!!!
Charuta said…
Grt!! Congratulations! Both on doing your job so well and writing the post in correct Queen's English! Keep it up :)
Zaru said…
thnx ya...im still floating in d air...n had a pastry 2de too..:D

thank you..:D (i didnt write thanku also..:P)
Zaru said…
n btw..ur first comment...yaaay..!! :D

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