Yes, I loved reading books. I have read quite a few..but I had stopped buying them a long time ago, just because I never really read them. But staying in between people who never stop buying one pile of books after another, I am getting into my old forgotten groove yet again.
I just purchased 'Three cups of Tea" and "Parineeta". I hope to finish them and only then buy my next lot :)

P.S. That reminds me I have still not complated books I purchased last time which includes 'Twilight', 'Angels and Demons' and 'A brief History of time'.


Prabhash Dhyani said…
Oooops, i too fall in the same category.. buying a lot of books and not finishing them. I have been trying to finish "Atlus Shrugged" and "Mein Kamph" for the last 6 months.. :)
Unknown said…
see...tats wat i said..the same kindappl arnd me :)
Hey, zar, i want "A brief History of time" this book. kya tu bhi. i m near to complt my J archer's "the prizoner of birth" which is of 500 pages and i did it in 1 week. :) .so, learn from me.

Even, i want "twilight" ... :D
Mohsin said…
finish them and only then buy my next lot?????
aisa nai hota.. my funda: buy lots of lots till u get lost :p
Unknown said…
girl...aadhi bhet tari...mag dete books..n ghete tips n tricks ;)

precisely the attitude im trying nt to imbibe :P

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