A heavenly night-out

An unexpected plan..formed at the spur of the moment..because of something someone blurted out very innocently....turned to be one hell of a night!
We were out celebrating "International" Men's Day, this 19th of November, when we stumbled upon a possibility of catching a glimpse of the leonids meteor showers at lonavala. The plan was sudden...permissions...asking other people not present there..how to go..where to go..what time to go...all of this was decided in less than half an hour. We all decided to leave that night around 10 from office and reach office on friday around 5am. Sounds pretty good right..and we are used to not sleeping all night and still being fresh (Remember our engineering papers ;) ). Anyway, it was a little difficult to explain that to my parents and their concern was more than valid. The only question they asked "How can someone, who has been working the whole day, drive without sleeping even a wink". Anyhow, that part was cleared and we were all set. The lack of time didn't allow me to run back home and get something warm to wear but I usually don't feel the cold shivers...usually.
So we were all set, left office a little close to 10:30 in two cars. First stop was a nice coffee at Soul Curry. Next stop was Duke's nose. Going for a drive at night is always fun. It was quiet, only stray dogs running around (and of course us ;)). We reached our destination at 12:30. There are small tapris there who prepare tea and bhajjis. A kaka came there and brought us tea and bhajjis.
We found some flat poles that were laid out just for us (maybe). We made that our bed for the day and stared  into the sky full of stars. It felt heavenly. There were so many stars, I could hardly take in all of them in one go. It was cold and it was too windy. Bless those poor souls who had carried extra sweaters and shawls for us poor little beings. Also bless Lalit who shed his jacket because he was enjoying the cold.
We saw quite a few meteors, some that started and ended almost then and there. Some that covered almost whole of the sky. Some we missed. Some we thought was a meteor because of a silly plane that was moving around in circles right there.
The night outside on the poles with chips and pepsi and thumsup and the singing and the chitchat..it was all so unforgettable. We stayed out till around 3:30 while a few took a quick nap in the car. We started moving towards Pune by 3:40am and I reached office by 5. It was a bit too early and dark to start a 15km journey home and so I waited up with another friend up in office. That was a nice time, both of us yakking over a coffee. The office was so empty. The same chairs and cubicles that are so alive during the day were now lifeless. It felt weirdly nice.
The drive back home was also so peaceful with all the signals saying "make your own way" and everyone driving without a worry of who is in the right lane or wrong. Reached home by 7 and took a nap before reaching office just in time for lunch ;)


Mohsin Khan said…
It was indeed, Heavenly! Met so many stars after so many days!

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