A tangled mess

The sky is blue
I want it to be mauve
Thoughts are in a mess
But I think they can be sorted

The coffee is hot
I want it to be cold
The wind is cool
I want it to be warm

The sky is clear
But I want it to be cloudy

I know its not that difficult
But I choose to complicate it

Cattle can't fly
But I want them to
I can see the reason
But I want to ignore it

The heart aches
I'm trying to mend it
Questions are simple
But I'm trying to gauge the answers

My mind thinks logically
But I can't see through it
Has logic ever helped
I know the answer isn't trivial

All these parallel running threads seem so independent
Why can't they all work in different contexts
I know I was difficult on you
But I'm sure you can see
The mess I am in, leaves me no option.

I wish feelings were binary
and answers were public
If emotions weren't private
life could have been simpler!


Wow... cool one... :) i liked it :), depicts ur current situation or what? :P
Unknown said…
thnx :)
current..ya sort of current then :)
Readable me :) said…
zar ure good! Ya her state diagram in words :P ! shes getting nerdy these days..:P wat is it company?
ufcrs i mean air tight! :D
Readable me :) said…
n ya i love poems! they r short and fast to convey ...and they r the best for expressing pieces of thoughts. No need of statements longer than the thoughts itself...if u know what i mean :).
Unknown said…
@Ash..comment 1
thanku thanku :) if u cud form the state diagram i guess the poem is really good :)
n nerdy kya hai usmein..bt yea company rubs off some of their qualities :)

@Ash..comment 2
yea..agree..poems r nt tat difficult...
u dnt need the sentences...n d flow can be abrupt too :)

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