Paint the water..:)

Yea, I started again...
Water colors is an art. Why? Just because you have to get out the creativity and reality in colors and as fast as you can. That's precisely why I'd left them way back after school. I then started using oils and found they were so convenient, you could install reality at a later phase of the painting too.

This time, somehow that craving for water and color and me!
My long lost craving for art..creating art...was re-instilled in me. So I started afresh, new book, new pack of pencils, a sharpener,eraser, brushes, colors and water!

And believe me it feels heavenly to be doing something you really love. You won't believe I even forgot that I was raving for food after I picked up the brush. Only after it was done (actually only after I received at least one compliment) did I grab some food.
Here's my painting..(I shouldn't complain, but I forgot to buy white color and it does not come in the pack. So I tried my best without the peaceful color).

And here's the original...

I know, I know it isn't half as good..but I'll keep trying..and keep you guys posted!


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