A weekend that was longer than itself...

No no, I'm not hinting that I was so bored that the weekend seemed to never end.
I have done so much in these two days, roamed and seen and traveled and hogged so much, that the weekend seemed longer than just two days!

Khyati had invited all of us over to her house in Vapi over the weekend. Since vapi is a six hour drive from Pune, we decided to start at 4am. The usual latecomer Lalit surprised all of us by turning up even before the car arrived :P. We started on time, but only to find a new late comer, Amit :P.
We left for Vapi, after picking up everyone by 5:45. Everyone was drowsy and fell asleep after a few minutes only to be woken up by hunger. Had some breakfast at kamat (which wasn't half as tasty as the king's meal we had later on).

We reached Khyati's place by noon and then freshened up and were ready for lunch. A very good hostess that Khyati was, she had asked her mom to make all kinds of gujarati dishes for us. We had 5 no 6 no I guess 8 or was it 9..I'm not sure..but it was a huge huge huge meal. Never ending dishes, that made it difficult to choose what to eat. There was undhiu, dhokla, paneer sabji, rotis, patra, achcar (lovely homemade mirchi and tondli pickles) and green chutney and loads of shrikhand and dal and rice and I'm sorry I can't remember anymore, my stomach aches :P
And Khyati was an awesome host, she kept feeding all of us till we complained of appetite overflow :D But the food...was yummy...damn tasty!

This is after we were too tired of feeling overfull...and I could barely sit :P

We were supposed to leave for Daman in half an hour, but no one was in a state to do so. All of us slept for an hour and then left for Daman. It took us half an hour to reach the beach. The beach is very peaceful, though it has been commercialised. It is a bit dirty but feels peaceful. All of us (except me) got into the water. For me, I just felt like admiring the way the waves come and go without ever complaining of doing the same thing over and over again. Somehow that gave me even more pleasure than getting wet and salty.

We saw the sunset and then after some snacks and corn we moved towards the jetty. (Note: A walk on the beach while the sun is setting..feels awesome...even better if you are with someone special..) The jetty was nice. The boats there reminded me of pirates :P

After this we moved towards Mira Soul (not sure if it is spelt as sole or sol or soul..Gujarat after all :P). This place is a resort which has an artificial lake, and hence boats. A restaurant with a nice lake view. Small huts with a view facing the lake again. A mini train and a nice ambience!

We retraced our steps towards the jetty, why? for dinner :P
 The jetty was nice and the rolls and sandwiches and faluda was too good. (Ya ya I know, all this just after we kept complaining of overfeeding ourselves at lunch :P). With an over-overfull stomach we went home while making plans of an early morning walk the next day to explore GIDC.
Next morning, everyone went for a walk, just that no one saw the other :P. Possibly everyone walked in their dreams :P. After we all woke up and were ready we had yummy gujju breakfast awaiting us. Fafda and jalebi and khari and lots of other lip smacking khana. This time we hogged less and Khyati didn't force (Thank God!) and we left for Silvassa.

We wen t to doodhani which is the backwaters of the Madhuban dam. The boats were very tempting and we didnt need to paddle too. We split into two groups and oared our way for atleast an hour or so. And my boat, we enjoyed screaming when Amit and then Mohsin volunteered to row the boat :D. And then as if these boats weren't enough we made some more and then left them to find their fate in the water. Most of the time in the boat was spent screaming and laughing and giggling.
We then left for the highway towards Pune while making plans of visiting Amit's place in Thane on the way. The next stop was a restaurant on the way for chai and then Amit's place we where hogged again :P. We also stopped at the food mall after khopoli but no, we didn't hog there :P We reached Pune by 11pm reminiscing all the food we had had over the weekend :D

All in all a food filled and a fun filled weekend!


減肥 said…
Pappul said…
amazing to read ... and with that set of people ... i dont have any doubt about the magnitude of fun ... Cheers ... !!
Pravaahit... said…
nice trip.. full of food for foodie zar :)

but i couldn't read first comment to ur post.... :P :P :P
Zaru said…
@1st comment..
nt sure if u read d post :P

hehe..seriously..we can have fun anywhere and in any circumstances :)

yea..loads of food :)
n tat first comment is in chinese..see im famous :P

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