Peace...and inner happiness

Everyone wants to make money as soon as he/she first realizes that money buys us material happiness. When we were kids we needed money to buy chocolates and candies. After we grew up a little we started demanding toys..then vehicles, cellphones..the list is never ending. After we graduate our only aim, most often sub-consciously is to make money so that we can live a comfortable life later on.
After we start our job..we often realize that they do get monotonous and repetitive however cutting edge be the technology we work on (here I'm talking about the IT industry because I could confidently talk about it from an insider's view point).

And keep yourself sane you often fall back on your hobby..the one (or more) things that keep you happy..and happy from within.
For me..painting has been one such happiness that never disappoints me. Even if I paint a disaster, it keeps me happy. And more painting which I think is brilliant..obviously not comparable to trained artists..but it is brilliant as per my standards :)


Ashwini B said…
Nice.paintings sometimes reflect the state of mind...i see two roses ;) only...any particular reason ?:P
Zaru said…
Good...Im glad you folks at home didn't ;)

I thot of putting one it didn't fit in ;)
Pravaahit... said…
nice ya... happiness from within.. yes.. so much important it is!
n two roses together good good ;)
Zaru said…
thanks ya :)
Mohsin Khan said…
subtlety in art.. achcha hai accha hai..
Zaru said…
thanku :)

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