Snapper Hunt

You remember those times when you are out with friends and a nice cam in hand...taken plenty of snaps...but all you now need is a group snap! So what do you do? look for someone..someone who seems bored..or not busy with anything...and ask him/her to click a snap for you..right?

Most of the people never say no, unless ofcourse if their bus arrives (assuming you were so dumb as to ask someone at the bus stop, waiting for their bus :P)

Infact I never knew anyone would just say no for the heck of it, until I met this weird Mysore. We were at the Mysore palace and wanted a group snap. We saw this family passing by, brother sister mom and dad. We thought they were a safe bet. So we asked the dad, he said sure...and we posed..but he never did get the camera lens to focus on us...after a while we asked if he took the snap and he says yes...and what do we see..he took a snap of the floor! His wife was somehow furious at him for agreeing to take a snap for us..
So now we look for someone else, we spot a girl..approach her and she says "NO"! okay..but she wasn't really doing anything, she was just strolling around..ok..whatever!

Then we are at Goa..on a cruise...and want a snap of the whole family. So we ask a fellow there. He more than willingly agrees to take a snap. So we all pose, he clicks. We check the snap, its super. But he says, naah its not nice..stand together again. So we do this around 3-4 times..but HE isn't satisfied! So we finally tell helpful he's been and the snap is really REALLY nice! (enough..get lost what we meant :P)

Then we are at Ooty..(some point don't remember the name) we had just climbed this hill..and wanted a snap of the group. We see a family coming up...husband wife and a brother (gals or guy's bro no clue) and he was looking bored anyway, so we thought we'd help employ him. He was happy to help but somehow the lady was not. Jealousy? but why? she is just newly married! maybe we picked the husband by mistake :P but then why was he bored..and walking miles away from his bride? :P

The other day we were in camp, SGS mall. There is a katta there, where many vellas usually lurk around. So we spot this one fellow sitting alone trying to act lost in his cellphone. We request him, please can you click a snap of ours. Okay he grins (rather mumbles). We hand him the cam and tell him "you have to click this button here". We find a nice place and pose. He doesn't want to get up! This doesn't work. Ok, pree goes and explains this here..this way. (He hasn't got up yet). Pree comes back and we pose again. He mumbles, how do we zoom this? Why don't you come and stand here? We ignore the second question (obviously we decide what we want in the background) and explain the zoom thingy. Pree comes back and we pose again. He (quite irritated now)..WHY DON'T YOU STAND HERE? and he gets up FINALLY! Takes a snap...and we're like..whoa! we have a snap finally. And guess what, all the efforts to get the background are waste..why? Because he had zoomed in so much!!

So..anyone out there with weird experiences...when all you want is a decent group memory?


Praj ~ said…


Btw, now a days, I use my tripod for group photo :)
Zaru said…
@praj...yea..heard about that video..hilarious :) tats y we insist.."our snap" :D
n vagaire!
Pappul said…
one of my friends asked a person to click a pic ... and by the time he ran back to get ready for the pic ... the snapper had already left with the cam ... !! :)
Zaru said…
@Pratik..whoa! tats bad...
I mean..yea I had thought abt I thot people really aren't tat bad...
bt then..i guess..our selection algo..needs some changes :D
Pravaahit... said…
hehe.. mast blogpost!! :)
Zaru said…
@Pree...thanks :)

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