A changed "about me"

The very tolerant "me" suddenly realised that she isn't really that tolerant.
What irritates me?

1. Bad grammar. Atleast know basic grammar. Even worse, someone who doesn't want to know that one is wrong.
2. You say "hairs" and "sheeps" and "deers" and I say, "चलो हिंदी में बातें करते है. "
3. I do not consider jokes based on religion "grown up humor"
4. Do not brag. If you are what you think you are, we will find that out.
5. Extra high processed english sentences. Seriously, we aren't writing essays.
6. When I don't laugh on a joke (a sentence you thought was a joke) I don't find it funny. Please don't tell me to laugh.
7. I don't like waiting. So, if you state a time, be there within 5 minutes. Else, schedule the next meeting and bear the brunt.
8. When I come in with a new haircut and you can see that it has to have been cut, else they would have been longer, don't ask "You cut your hair?" Seriously, hair cannot "grow" "short" right?
9. Do NOT misspell my name.

That's all I can think of right now. Feel free to update if you wish. I won't lash out at you for doing so :P


Praj ~ said…
That sounds rude.. Are you all right?
Zaru said…
I know its rude...bt its fun being rude too :)
yea..am all right..:)
Delysid said…
Wallpapers said...

What could be bad in being rude? It's just some people have the guts to tell things directly.

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