A tryst with male ego

Two vehicles are driving peacefully. Each not bothered by the other's presence. One a goods truck (no goods loaded then) and another a small petite activa. The truck was driven by a male (obv..I haven't seen females driving trucks..wonder why?) and the activa by a female.

Its 9:30 at night. Only chowks which usually have traffic jam problems have their traffic signals working.
At one particular chowk where the signals were red, the activa stands beside the truck (lets call activa the A and truck the T from now onwards). So, as the signal lights turn green, T makes delay in starting and A sees a gap through which she can drive. This hurts T's overblown ego and decides to almost crush A. A reasons with herself and applies the brakes. T moves ahead happily. But T is huge, so he gets stuck ahead and A unknowingly overtakes T. This has bruised T enough. So he comes speeding after A, not seeing that the signal ahead is red. Lucky for T and the other vehicles around, the signal turns green in time. T rushes ahead but has to stop at another signal ahead. A is really not interested in these silly things, so waits patiently behind T. Now the next signal that comes up, is at a turn. A is behind T again, this time in view of T's drivers sight. T looks at A challengingly and A has a look full of disgust for T. When the signal turns green, the sharp turn does not let T go ahead. Seeing that A is crossing him, he yells something (A not bothered) A being small can turn quick and is out of sight. A breathes a sigh of relief, and decides to speed home. But then at the next crossing (there's no signal here) a car ahead has to stop, to let a drunkard cross (I wonder why drunkards are given V.I.P treatment when other pedestrian's are not). Anyway, so T hurries up behind A and keeps honking, as if..as if...the world is going to end. Okay, enough is enough says A. She moves ahead not looking at T and keeping her calm. But T gets stuck again and feels he is going to lose. So he speeds up like an angry bull (shameless, gutless, egositic). At the long stretch of road ahead, A is at the extreme left, she has no intention of satisfying T's ego any further. She drives at her pace in peace. T races towards her like a maniac, crossing her and honking his victory away. A is unperturbed and all she does is pray. Pray for T. He has no spine, he has no life. Please help him oh Lord!


Pravaahit... said…
aai g.. kay hey... kashi gadi chalvtat na loka.. seriously!!
Satish said…
hehe that is fun style you wrote in!
take care 'A'..
Zaru said…
kharra...aajkal gadi chalavna mhanje jiwala dhokhach ahe!

thanks :) yea...'A' will :)

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