Another year..another decade...has gone by...

Its high time, I thought about the mistakes I made, my achievements and plans for the future.

Ten years ago...I was in school. I lived in a world view of my own. Everyone was nice, everyone was helpful, everyone was a friend. After passing out from school, like a very innocent kid, I entered junior college. A place I like to remember as one which prepared me and shaped my personality as it is today. Engineering was just the tadka I needed in my life. It brought me out of my shell completely. While I still do call myself shy and reticent, I don't know what I would have called myself back in school. Shy and reticent raised to infinity? Perhaps!
I then entered corporate life. A world that was luckily not much different from engineering college and even better we get paid :) I made good impressions, ones that I never believed and don't believe even today are of me! I made good friends too and we had a lot of fun trips, while the group was intact. As I see it now, its dispersed and two of them are not in the country and another not in the city. The group reduces and the frequency of the trips reduces automatically. The fun though, remains the same..PJs :D

Let me now get down to the last year

- I have been growing mature, looking back at topics that I have written about. Consider this or this or even this I'm not a kid anymore :P
- I also stopped cribbing a lot about traffic, as compared to the previous year and I wish to take this further. No use wasting energy.
- I've started reading books. After purchasing a lot of books I felt it necessary to give them a fair chance. What helped me do this, is the all new books blog.
- Personal life has an all new dimension and I'm loving the way it's going. I have also decided to prioritize my time to give enough to people in my life. Machines do not deserve all of your precious time.
- I started pursuing my hobby, but haven't really made much progress on that front. I must give it a try this year.
- Professional life has been great so far (this was the year of my first ever..appraisal) and I see it getting brighter by the day. Touch wood!
- People change..relationships changes. You cannot expect anyone to be as they were a few years ago. Accept the fact and move on.
- Lesson learnt : People always said "First impression is the last impression". I always believed people change their impression of you, as time progresses. But I was wrong. Make the best first impression!


Pappul said…
wish you a very happy new year and a lot of success ... !!

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