Jaago re!

I was of 'vote'able age a couple of years ago, but I somehow could not get myself registered.
I submitted the form twice, but to no avail. Not that I do not value my power  to vote, but I was too lazy to move some muscles and go and do my work myself. I always gave this one and that one forms, and it was 4 years before I realised that I have to start moving myself if I plan to contribute a drop to the ocean.
Then when the 'jaago re' campaign started, I registered myself there and they're constant reminders maybe, somehow, subconsciously made me do the needful.
So, here I am, my first invaluable vote cast on the 13th of October 2009.
Mixed feelings ensue...
Did I use this right of mine, correctly? The answer to this is, you can never say so. You have to pick from a bunch of rotten tomatoes and you have to pick the 'best' 'rotten' one. So I don't ever see a foolproof solution to this problem.
I was never so much into politics. I never really bothered keeping a track of what someone is doing and how and where does his/her name show up in the news. This time I just made a last minute pick, based on what limited information I could gather in the last one day. Maybe next time onwards I should keep a vigilant watch on all the ongoing news on any political matter.
I don't know how far a single vote counts (of course they keep saying it does), but considering all the bogus voting and votes that have been bought etc. But I guess if everyone just starts voting honestly, this problem should be solved. So, I feel happy to be one of those who do vote honestly.
So, now I guess I'm responsible for who leads us. I've truly woken up and I hope I make the right choice always!


johnny said…
cool... atlast u did vote... hope u did vote to good candidate...
i hav missed this time voting tho... :(
Pravaahit... said…
good that u did it... n moreover u thinking positive over the thought of voting carefully next time...

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