Sweet labour

The last weekend, was a long weekend and pree was here. Whenever pree is here, we have a closed circuit and memorable fun is guaranteed :)
The planning part as always so full of confusion, not here there..how when etc etc..but I won't get there as that's part and parcel of any planning process :)
So, the plan was set. 2nd October, we were going to Lohgad and Visapur.
Ash n me were to catch the local at 6:30 from pune station and pree and amz were to board the same train from shivajinagar at 6:36 :D. I  was already tensed, as boarding the same train from different stations etc, I never agree to. But according to our very own amz, it is the tension that makes trips fun :P.
So, ash & me somehow managed to catch the said train but the remaining people were late..so we got off at shivajinagar. Decided to board another Kolhapur-Mumbai express. This train was crowded, so even though we had tickets we travelled in the luggage compartment.

Was fun only till the sabjiwalas climbed in at the next station. This train we had boarded did not stop at malavli, the station we needed to get out to go to Lohgad. At talegaon where this train must have stopped for an eternity or so we felt, we had to make a decision whether we should go till lonavala and then come back towards malavli or leave this train here itself and board the next local that comes our way. People who knew more than us suggested the second option and I guess we were just in time in making our choice. We left this train and took the next one. So the train adventure ended and we reached malavli. There were many groups who we assumed were moving towards Lohgad, though luckily we didn't see any of the groups on our way up.
It was cloudy, not sunny and sweat was trickling down but our enthusiasm was always high. We took as many shortcuts as possible which made it feel like a real trek :). Thanks to the first tapri where we had nimbu pani, it helped in keeping our spirits high. After that we took a path, where a waterfall must have flown in the rains. It felt like walking through a jungle. (on a much smaller scale ofcourse :P)

There was a small family also moving up, but no matter how slow they thought we were moving we always reached higher than them :)

Tired and thirsty we made our way up. And was it worth! The ground was covered with flowers. It was a lovely flower bed and we felt like bollywood heroines who run and sing songs rolling in such flower beds. While moing towards 'vinchu kata' we felt as if we were floating in the flowers. It was absolutely lovely..breathtaking!

At a point, we could see the point we wanted to reach, but we could not see a feasible path towards it. We sat there just trying to figure out how we can go and then we spotted another person who found a different way. Now thanks to Pree, we went to vinchu kata. That point was nice. It felt so peaceful there, that we actually took a short afternoon nap there :D
We started moving down at around 3:15 or so. On the way we saw some college students who had come there to collect the plastic waste that people had thrown around there. It only made us realise, that where there is a will there is a way. It is up to each one of us to do our bit, however unimportant our contribution might seem. From now on I have decided to carry a small bag to pick up such waste and dispose it off at the nearest dustbin.
While descending the climate was pleasant and it was probably raining over the fort. We satisfied ourselves in a small waterfall that had managed to remain alive inspite of no rains.

At around 6:45 we started our journey back towards the railway station. We boarded the 7:45 train home and tire gave way to uncontrollable laughter on jokes, rather something that no one would ever find funny :).
Kudos to our group...may we go on more such memorable and fun trips :)


Unknown said…
Hey, you write nice travelogues....

May you find such memorable trips again and again... So that, we get to read some real good stuff again and again :)
Unknown said…
thanku :)
its the fun we had..that makes the post all the more fun to write :)
Mohsin said…
sahi hai sahi hai..
aiseich rahne ka dekh.. :)
Pravaahit... said…
seriously mast thi re trip...!!!(mood altering at least for me :P :P) n abt completing circuit na...!! yess :) i love it....!
Unknown said…
:D yea...mood elavating for me :)

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