Realisation parineeta!

All of us have seen the movie 'Parineeta' right?
Majority of us liked the movie for the sheer brilliance in the simplicity of the story telling and the brilliant performances.
I happened to read the novel, the english translation by Malobika Chaudhuri. And I was overwhelmed by the simplicity, not only of the lives of people then but also of the language used. Nowadays we don't come across novels written in such simple language. There wasn't a single word that I had to lookup and then move ahead.
The plot as we have all seen in the movie, is of a family with a greedy rich businessman, eyeing another poor friend's house and bossing over him for a loan given. The rich man's son falls in love with the poor man's niece. Its a simple plot and the ending is happy. But, why I chose to mention the novel here is just how much difference it makes while watching simplicity and in imagining simplicity when someone describes it. This novel felt very fresh. The life way back in the 20th century, child marriages, the pitiful life of women..the story just made all of this flash right in front of my eyes, only to make me for women isn't all that good even today. Why? yes, we have independence, freedom, rights to equality but are they without a price? Don't we hear so many cases of atrocities inflicted on women? Why then do we claim that we have given women equality?


Mohsin Khan said…
Glad u agree with the value of simplicity.. ;-)
ab mov dekhni padegi..
Zaru said…
i do agree..
bt as u kno..sometimes complexity chahiye :)
n mov must watch :)
MTB said…
Slightly belated, but I am MALOBIKA, the translator of Parineeta. Would say that the seeds of womens' emancipation begins right here -- no knuckling down under parental pressure!

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