- You are responsible for your actions. Don't think anyone else is supposed to take the blame.

- When you are vulnerable it is your responsibility to avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable state.

- When you want to rebel, it is always better you don't.

- In India power is vested with uniformed gundas . If you try to fight them you end up as shown in  
   movies - insulted and looked down upon by other onlookers who know not how to help.

- If you expect others to help you for the sake of humanity, you are not fit to live.

- When you don't want to be frustrated (since you have all the reason to rejoice) you will always find plenty of
   reasons to be frustrated.

- When you are not wrong, you have to gulp down words of disgust. If you cannot do so, you are not fit to

- You would like to believe 'honesty is the best policy' but you should probably know that the ability to lie
   perfectly is inbuilt in humans these days. If you don't have it in you, that means your software is not up to

- You would like to keep things simple, but even your best efforts complicate matters.

- Last learning. They say learn from another's mistakes. But the worst mistakes in your life are made by
   learning from another's mistakes.


Praj ~ said…
"But the worst mistakes in your life are made by learning from another's mistakes."

Interesting.. I'm not able to decide if this right or wrong.. need some evidence :P

nice one..
Vedang said…
bitter, much?
what's happened that makes you feel this angry/cynical?
Unknown said…
i dnt think i can elucidate further..:)

ther r experiences tat teach u..wat ppl said abt the world being 'big bad and scary' are ture :)

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