6th December, 2009

Welcome to the 24th International Pune marathon, AIDs charity run. I heard about it but was not very sure I was going to run. I sort of organised the whole 'going together' in the company. And now since I got people to get ready early in the morning and run, I had to be there on time and so I went :)
Driving early morning in the fog was fun. Traffic lights said 'make your way' and my rear view mirror liked the misty cover. I loved the speed my kine loves and we made it to office by 7:15am, bang on time.
Out of the 24 participants that registered only 11 showed up and I was happy I hadn't ditched the group :P

Anyway, the run started at 8:20 (can you believe it started before time :P). We were to run from Alka chowk towards Nehru Stadium a mere 3.5 kms. But was it a mere 3.5 kms? No. I barely ran 500 meters and I was tired. Almost at every look at vehicles stalled due to the run I felt like hitchhiking :P. But thanks to my friend and motivator who was always by my side, I couldn't give up. I ran some small patches in between and walked most of the patch. But I made it to the end. Thanks buddy!
Lesson learnt? Never inform people about something you don't think you are going to participate in :P Okay, that was one but the other was I have to work on my stamina. Its bad, very bad.
Okay, personal cribbing stalled (for the time being :P)

People use this run as a platform for propaganda. They run in groups with banners of their company. Very few people wore slogans educating people about AIDS. Anyway, the energy around was great with teams charging up the atmosphere with their slogans once in a while.

For some this might have been a fun run, but for me it was tiring. Sigh I need to exercise :)

P.S. Why does this post have a 'milestone' label? Because after this I have started exercising and am making an effort to take in proper meals at the right time. Thanks diet baba :P


Mohsin Khan said…
yes high energy.. it was mast.. :)
Pravaahit... said…
sahiye... run.. run... run...
@Mohsin did u mean "it was MUST"???? :) :P
Pappul said…
tum log ko mil nahi paaya ... :(

but a great calendar event ... Cheers ... !!
Mohsin Khan said…
han wo bi tha ;-)
Zaru said…
thnx for making it mast ohh srry must :P

ho ga..khup mast hota..

haan..apna milna reh gaya na..thike..kabi to milte hai..ab to aap us side aa gaye ho :)

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